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Don asks…

What is a good online store to buy garden plants?

Has anyone tired Garden Harvest Supply,

Home Gardener answers:


All the best

Chris asks…

Where can I order kitchen garden plants online?

vegetable plants, fruit plants and herb plants

Home Gardener answers:

Try They provide good quality of kitchen garden seeds and plants.

Kylee asks…

Where is a good place to buy garden seeds and starter plants online?

I have been trying to find grape seeds and strawberry seeds online. I figured it would be easier (and probably more expensive) to get starter plant. Does anyone know of a reputable place to get seeds and plants online?

Home Gardener answers:

Territorial seed company, if your in the continental u s.

Charlie asks…

Is there a gardening site that lets you make a online garden picking plants and all?

Home Gardener answers:

Better homes & garden has a free interactive landscape planing website. You’ll have register to log on to their website (You don’t need to buy anything or subscribe to their magazine).
“Plan-a-Garden lets you design anything from a patio-side container garden to your whole yard. Use your mouse to “drag-and-drop” more than 150 trees, shrubs, and flowers. Add dozens of structures like buildings, sheds, fences, decks — even a pond.”
P.S. You may also have to close their magazine ad. By clicking on the x

Garden Styles & Plans from Better Homes & Garden:

Plans from HGTV:

Lowe’s Landscape & Garden planner

Garden planner (demo)

BBC Gardening- Virtual Design

DIY Planner

Thought you’d like to see some landscaping design ideas from this Just Gardeners website:

This site contains a gallery of forum users’s own pics too:

Garden Web’s Landscape-design forum:

Good luck!!! Hope this is helpful.

Susan asks…

Where to buy good quality plants ONLINE?

Aside from Michigan Bulb and Springhill Nursery … what are some other reputable places to buy garden plants/bulbs/etc. ONLINE in the US.
Thanks Reyn … I’ll give those a try.

Any others out there folks?
star nursery does NOT have plants. Thanks though.

Home Gardener answers:

On line plant companies are what you go to in the winter while planning your garden.

Now all the plants you could possibly want are in the stores near you, plus you don’t have to pay postage.

Unless there is some “rare” plant why go online?

Shelley asks…

bought plug plants online but not here till end of may, garden centre said too late for plug plants now?

The garden centre said it’s too late for plug plants now so they don’t sell them. Why do the website Ive bought from still sell them then?

Home Gardener answers:

Garden centres operate much like supermarkets they are always one jump ahead. Christmas always starts in September in supermarkets.
However, don’t be worried about your plug plants not arriving until may( especially if you live in the U.K.) as there is less chance of them being damaged by frost.
Continue to shop online for plants, you’ll save a fortune, most garden centres charge an arm and a leg for everything.

Richard asks…

What are some names of online plant/garden nurseries?

I’m looking to order some plants/flowers for my gardens for this spring, but I can’t remember any names of nurseries that deliver nationally. I don’t like Burpee, and am open to new places. Can anyone personally recommend some places they’ve used. Please do NOT just Google search places and post them, I’m looking for gardener recommended places that sell Starter plants. Thanks!

Home Gardener answers:

The Wilds love of flowers dates back to when Herman Wild, who was on a Wagon train to the southwest, when it broke down. Influenced by the wonderful meadows of wildflowers, he settled in Sarcoxie in 1868. In 1885 Gilbert Herman Wild paid $45.00 for a crate of peonies roots from Europe. They were planted behind the family home. Three years later the flower blooms were sold to an Omaha Wholesaler for $3.00. That single sale launched Gilbert H. Wild to begin a lifetime of passion for the peonies.
417) 548-3514
3044 State Highway 37, Sarcoxie, MO 64862

This company is in my home state and I’ve ordered many, many irises
and daylillies.
They have a plethora of plants.
EDITED: I use to raise and sell mums and I always ordered my plants from this place.
Bristol Mums..50 Pinehurst Road, Bristol, Ct..1-800-582-2434
Bristol Connecticut is the Mum capital of the world. When you buy mums in all probability the plants grown at other farms are probably originally from here.

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