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Questions And Answers On Gardening By The Yard

Mark asks…

Gardening by the yard on the east coast, What happened to the show?

Home Gardener answers:

Hi Kathy C, I have missed Paul James myself. I was channel surfing the other weekend and saw the end of the show, he use to be on hgtv, not sure what happened to that show, but it was the best gardening show on tv. I love that man he is so funny, mabe we need to call our cable or satilight companies and complain. I need my Gardening by the Yard show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thomas asks…

Who here is a fan of Paul James, from “Gardening by the Yard” on HGTV ???

My wife and I watch him every weekend and we think he’s a hoot !!!

Home Gardener answers:

Me too..
He reminders me of my Uncle in New England….
Paul puts a funny twist and a lot of knowledge into landscaping yard care..
Great show

Joseph asks…

Does anyone know where paul james the gardening by the yard guy lives?

Thanks Everyone!

Home Gardener answers:

He’s mentioned he lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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