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Charlie asks…

how to keep unwanted cats out of my garden?

need help as the local cats that surround me keep calling by and leaving their buisness card, the little scamps don’t leave their buisness at home,no! they like to keep their own yard clean and use my garden as a dumping ground. would like any useful tips on how to put a stop to this problem, without having to purchase a cannon!!!

Home Gardener answers:

Cats do not like most strongly smelling items, so use of these will deter them. Their own business will also leave smells, so clean this away, and wash thoroughly, as nasty as this may be.

Blocking their entrances, and adding smells to their run through will also deter them. What you use to add smells is up to you, but moth balls, as mentioned elsewhere, are good and are rain proof, can be broken up into smaller pieces. Cayenne pepper and similar stuff, can be used for short term, but gets washed away by rain. If you have a dog, or a friend’s dog, it can be useful adding some of their mess, where they enter. If they use fences to walk along, consider adding something like petroleum jelly, as they won’t want to walk on it.

Something they hate are motion detecting water sprinklers – not so good for our gardens except in summer time, but these can be handy when sited where they like to use. Some sonic repellents may work, but reviews seem to suggest mixed results.

There is a plant, called the Scaredy Cat Plant, which is Coleus canina, which they hate the smell of, but it’s an annual, as it’s not frost hardy.
Finally, sharp twigs, such as with thorns, on the soil will deter them, as they won’t scratch there.

Hope this helps. Good luck! Rob

Alana asks…

Would you buy a ranch home with the same area above as below, and kitchen above and below with a big garden ?

If you were a family looking for a ranch home, and there were about 2500 sq feet up and another 2500 sq feet of renovated heated space below in the basement, and there was a full kitchen above and below, with a big garden in the front of house and back, would you feel it would be too much area to clean and maintain, taking into consideration that the basement would not be suitable for renting out, as the door leading out of the basement does not have a driveway, since one has to walk over the garden to reach the garage on the main level. The main level is additionally, connected to the basement by means of steps going down within the house into the basement. I feel one would out of necessity need to built a driveway to the basement door in order to be able to sell it with rental potential, as otherwise the area might be too big, in addition to two kitchens being too much to maintain for one family……Any suggestions or tips or ideas?

Home Gardener answers:

I bet you could sell it to an older couple who had a son or daughter who really needed a break like having a basement to move into so he or she could go to school or because his or her job doesn’t allow living independently, especially if there were grandchildren. I don’t think those people would mind having their kids enter and exit through the house, and they would keep the basement clean.

Paul asks…

were did the olive garden situation occur? like what state and what city?

this is about the food being tamperd with at olive garden, like one incident there were a group of people out for lunch and they waited for 25min. and then they finally got there food, they ate some of it then brought the rest of it home. the nest day all of them woke up with lumps on there lips, they went to the Doctor and he said they had herpes. the people got the food tested and there were 7 different tips of semen in there food….

Home Gardener answers:

That’s so crazy i had to look it up!! This is what i found,
I think its too far fetched, would someone really get symptoms of a disease that fast? Come on???

Ken asks…

I lost my cat and need some tips on how to get him back!?

I live in the city and this morning decided to rehome a cat. After bringing the animal home he was obviously a little shaken and escaped into the garden. Hes currently in a confined area and although I cannot see him its obvious he cannot have left a certain green area. Is there any tips I can use to bring this cat back as Id like to get him trained and used to my home as being his. PLEASE HELP!

Home Gardener answers:

What you can do is go to your local animal shelter and see if you can “borrow” their live traps. Place a food at the end of it and it will catch the cat with out harming it.

But …the cat that you just trapped might not be yours.

Susan asks…

How to keep home grown cucumbers fresh?

I picked cucumbers out of my garden today and they are really big.
I need to keep them stored and fresh somehow but I’m not sure how to?
Any tips on how to keep them stored and fresh?

Home Gardener answers:

I ran into the same thing last year. I wash them and put them in the crisper drawer. They stayed good for a week.

Jane asks…

introducing my 1st cat to my home?

Hi, i am getting a cat next week. I have got it from an adoption centre. I have had the home checks and they are very happy with our home, garden and work patterns. 9am – 5pm monday to friday.

I have 2 weeks off work to bond with her.

any tips on what to do in regards to intriducing to the inside and outside. Also Would i be able to let her out during my working day when she is fully introduced to the home?

It is fully neueted and micro chipped. She will be the only cat in our house and is 5 years old. She likes to be lazy around the home but loves to venture outside and laze in the sun.

Home Gardener answers:

Well, first things first, show her where her litter box is. I assume, since she’s from an adoption center, that she knows how to use one. Just make sure she’s aware of it- my best thought would be to give her some food, maybe a toy, and just shut her in the room it’s in (if possible) for a few hours to get used to it. She’ll know what to do. (unless she’s going to go outside and use the grass, which might be highly unlikely, so just be warned)

After that, just let her out and let her *explore*! She’ll be the reigning goddess of her own kingdom in no time. Just make sure to put away anything valuable, such as, if you have fancy decorated dish plates on stands, anything not locked up in a China hutch, something she’d be interested in to push over and see what’s inside (my cat, also 5 years old, has a habit of hopping onto the table and pushing over drinking glasses- full or empty!)

Outside might be trickier. Give her a week inside first, then introduce the outside. Is there any possible way she could get out of your backyard? Some cats are wont to wander around the neighborhood, and only sometimes do they come back. If she is content (or if you know she is content) to just sit around and laze as she pleases, introducing the outside will be no problem! She’ll just do whatever she wants to do and come back inside whenever. Just make sure to watch her so she doesn’t get into anything harmful, or eat too much grass :)

If she’s just as lazy as you say, I don’t think you’ll have any problems :) Haha, take care, and best of luck!

Ooh and of course you’ll be able to let her out! Just put away anything valuable, as I’ve said, and she’ll be fine. It’s her kingdom to rule, after all!

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