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Jim asks…

What do I take into consideration when planning the layout of my vegetable garden?

I think that planting some beans next to other vegetables, like squash, will harm the productivity. I remember my parents and grandparents having similar rules when planning,I just don’t remember exactly.Please help…

Home Gardener answers:

First off you want to think about what you are going to plant and what space is required for them to grow properly. Also you must find out the sun requirements, water requirements, and how often you will need to feed.

The best bet is to go to your local gardening center and speak with the out door garden associate.

Rachel asks…

where can I find a “layout” for a vegetable garden that gives dimensions and what to plant?

Home Gardener answers:

These may be what you’re looking for. The last one even offers software.

Bob asks…

What plants in a vegetable garden need to planted next to each other in order to thrive? Or does it matter?

I was given a plot layout years ago for a vegetable garden but of course I’ve missed placed it. I remember being told that you can’t plant potatoes and onions together. Now I’m worried that I’m going to fail before I even really begin.

Home Gardener answers:

Just don’t plant potatoes and onions together. Otherwise, just try to group plants together that grow similarly. Tomatoes and squash grow about the same, and beans and corn will grow in the same of conditions. As long as you aren’t crowding drastically different species together, you’ll do just fine. Ideally, melons, squash, beans, should be in the same part of the garden. Greens, lettuce, turnips, brussel sprouts, beets, cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower can be close to each other. Potatoes can have their own individual section as can onions.

Richard asks…

Need help planning garden layout?

I’m planning on having a vegetable garden this year, and need to know the best place to plant so each variety gets the best sun/soil combo. I plan to make raised beds, but not sure with what material yet. Cheaper is better. The garden would include herbs, veggies, and root crops, pretty much anything I eat on a regular basis. Potatoes, peppers, onions, lettuce, corn, cucumbers, green beans, pumpkins, watermelon, etc. I have a large area to plant, but tall pine trees surrounding my yard that shade the area inconsistently. I live in Eastern WA, so the summers are super hot and the winters freezing. What crops should I plant next to each other? I heard growing the corn with the beans helps them to stabilize and reduces the need for trellis or stakes. Where should the corn and beans grow? To the North, East, South or West of the main beds? Thanks!

Home Gardener answers:

Check out this webpage:

Susan asks…

I got the vegetable seeds for a garden, now what? (3 questions)?

I got melon, cantaloupe, watermelon, strawberries, green pepper, tomato, cucumber, carrot, sweet corn, spinach and lettuce.

1. How do I prepare the soil?
2. Would should the layout of my garden be so that it would be easy for me harvest? Into squares? rows?
3. Should I put a fence around it because I have a dog and cats?
I sort of have an unlimited space for a garden. So size of a garden isn’t an issue…

Home Gardener answers:

1. Till the soil to achieve a fine granular texture. Add compost or manure, and a cheap fertilizer, then rototill that into the soil until you have blended soil, compost, and manure completely.

2. I recommend short rows with wide spaces in between for easy hoeing, fertilizing, picking weeds and harvesting.

3. I suggest a 7 foot fence made of chicken wire to surround the entire garden. I wouldn’t worry about your dog and cats, rabbits and deer are more the problem. They eat young plants and ruin tomatoes by biting into it then leaving it.

Jane asks…

Garden ideas for my new yard?

I just moved to Louisiana, zone 8b. My fiance and I bought a house that has just been built and is in desperate need of gardening and landscaping. I’m a beginner and need some easy, pretty, layout ideas. What are some websites and/or books that would help a beginner like me in this particular area? For example, I heard there are TWO growing seasons. Okay, I’m from northern Indiana, and we barely had one full growing season! Heh! What is the second growing season for? I also want to have a vegetable garden. Can anyone offer me any advice?? Thanks!!

Home Gardener answers:

Contact your local County Extention Agency and ask about the local Master Gardening club. They can tell you what works best for where you live, from what varieties to plant to the best time- and location- to plant, prune etc. They can also offer book titles, websites, the best nurseries etc. If no MG club, the agent should be able to point you in the right direction. By the way, the second growing season is to grow a second crop. It’s wonderful to live in Southern USA!

Steve asks…

Vegetable gardening in Ontario?

Howdy, I’ve never had a vegetable garden and i dont know when to start. and when my layout should be.. Really i need a walkthrough because i have no idea what im doing. Can anyone help?

Home Gardener answers:

Which Ontario? California, Oregon, Canada???

Mark asks…

Any suggestions for a pre-school layout?

If you were to develop an early childhood centre, what are things that you would put in your school. i once saw a school with a vegetable garden and a corner with animals. Any other cool suggestions? Any ideas about the layout that would make day to day activities easier?

Home Gardener answers:

I would LOVE a kid-size kitchen, and a “slop” room (a room with a drain in the floor that can be simply hosed out)

Cindy asks…

What kind of garden was the garden of Eden?

There are so many kinds of gardens. What kind was the garden of Eden?
Was it a flower garden?
A vegetable garden?
An English country garden?
A French garden?
A Chinese garden?
A kaiyu-shiki?
Did it have an orangery?
What was the layout?
There sure were a lot of trees. Are we sure it wasn’t an orchard?

Home Gardener answers:

It was an Olive Garden. They came for the fruit but couldn’t stay for the company.

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