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Mark asks…

What are some economic ideas for decks/patios?

I just recently bought a house and it has no patio, deck, or any outside place for a table, grilling, etc (and it is our first house so we have a lot to learn!) One of the first projects I want to do is make an outdoors place because we spend a lot of time outside. I have been looking around at other people’s houses and it seems that most people in my area have wooden decks and some have concrete patios. Do you know what would be cheaper? Or do you have any other ideas on what we could do to create a place for our outdoors activities?
Thanks a lot.
I forgot to say – it would be a low profile deck. There is about three steps from the back door to the ground.

Home Gardener answers:

It would depend on how big of a deck you want to do. Using wood might end up costing you a bit more money but would take less time than laying down patio stones or interlocking bricks and if you use pressure treated, would last longer. Sidewalk slabs would be the cheapest although not very nice looking.

Take an afternoon and hit up a couple of the chain hardware stores. If you bring them the measurements (ie Home Depot’s project centre) you can usually get a quote from them.

Shelley asks…

whats the best weedkiller to use on patios/decking please. ( i have children and pets so it needs to be safe)?

Home Gardener answers:

Try Vinegar

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