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Questions And Answers On Home Gardening Tips

Starting your own home garden goes a lot better when you have a few gardening friendly tips to make it more fun and with less mistakes.

One of the oldest, most cherished hobbies in the world is gardening. Gardening is great because it is more than just enjoyable, you can actually produce your own flowers and food with it, and so it is very productive as well. If you are a novice to gardening, this information will be very useful to help you get started.

Davina asks…

What are the tips for gardening Lotus & Lilly at home?

As per Vasthu Sastra is it good growing Lilly & Lotus in home garden ponds? What are the tips for growing lotus and lilly?where we can get the seeds?
How the pond can be prepared? How can we avoid mosquitos in the pond?

Home Gardener answers:

I found a few sites that could help you out with your question (I’ll add it below). I have a few lilies planted too and all I did was make sure they get the required amount of sunlight and water. I hope the links I sent help you out too.

For your mosquito problem, you could try attracting dragonflies and/or birds (such as purple martins) around the pond area. I’ll include a couple good links to those too. I have purple martins at my house every year too, and I don’t see many mosquitoes as I used to. Also, if you’d like to know how to make your own insect repellent/summer cooler, here’s the recipe:

“5 drops each of geranium and lavender essential oils
2 drops each of lemongrass and peppermint essential oils

Fill up a 2 fl.oz. Spray bottle with filtered or spring water and add the drops. Shake it before each use.”

It was originally something I found in a magazine that’s used to keep you cool when you get too hot. You just spray it on your face or anywhere you want… Since lemongrass is in it, I realized it also doubles as a natural insect repellent. If you don’t want the flower smells in it too, you could put citronella in place of the geranium and lavender.

Hope this helps. =)

Oh! And here’s a link below for where you can purchase the seeds for lotuses and lilies. =)

EDIT: I also thought of something else that could help you out. Since dragonflies and martins are diurnal, you might think of putting up a bat house to attract bats that might be in your area. I read somewhere a while back that bats can eat double their weight in insects in one night. =)

Shelley asks…

How to setup a nice home garden? Any helpful tips or how to websites?

What do you do with a compost pile?

Home Gardener answers:

A few things to consider.


What are you growing.


Indoor or outdoor.

Optimum soil nutrient and PH levels.

Time of year to start.

Can rabbits, varmits, etc.. Get to my garden.

Remedies for bugs.

Do you have a greenthumb.

There are tons of factors in planning a great home garden for decoration or fruit.

Your climate will play a major factor in any garden you choose to start.

Kirstie asks…

What are the tips for gardening Lotus & Lilly at home garden?

Is it good growing lotus and lilly at home garden?

Home Gardener answers:

There are hundreds of varieties of Lilly… You can grow them in your garden… However lotus needs quite a big water-body… If you have one then you can go for it…

Jemima asks…

Anybody have any tips for gardening?

Me and my sister are having a garden competition at home. We are growing watermelons, honeydew melon, and corn. Anyone have any tips for how to grow these things? I have heard that watermelons grow well in sand. Is that true? If it is, how do you do that?

Home Gardener answers:

An excellent competition trick, is actually a Native American one. Go to a bait shop and ask if you can have some dead minnows. Dig a hole 6″ deep and a couple feet in diameter. Place a dozen minnows in the hole and cover with 5″ of soil. Now, plant 3-4 corn seeds, 3-4 squash seeds and 3-4 runner bean seeds and cover with the remaining inch of soil. These were called “The Three Sisters” by many tribes but your melons should love it as well. And melons do well in sand if they get enough water. RScott

Don asks…

What would your home’s theme song be and why?

As the Editor of Better Homes and Gardens magazine, I’ve seen many houses that have enough character to warrant their own theme tune. What would you suggest for your home?
Julia Zaetta

Home Gardener answers:

“We Gotta Get Out of This Place” by The Animals

The taps drip, the fridge needs defrosting every three weeks or it doesn’t work, the doors don’t close, we can only run power from half the outlets in the house, there is mould on the walls, the bogong moths don’t seem too keen to continue their journey down to the mountains once they see our place and the upstairs neighbour plays car racing video games till 2am (that’s when he’s not playing “lets rearrange the furniture” or slamming his front door every half hour)
There must be a better life!

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