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Richard asks…

do these kitchen knives on eBay look like a good purchase?|66:2|65:12|39:1|240:1318

Obviously they are cheap and from an unknown brand – what advantage would there be in buying more expensive ones from a more well known source?

Home Gardener answers:

Cheap knives will not hold an edge, I suggest that you purchased brand like Henckels which are made in Germany, I saw that store like Kohls was selling it at $30 a set while it was worth $100(early bird sale). My hunting knives are Case and Buck, both are made in America. Chicago Cutlery do make good knife. Cheap knives will not cut anyway thing except your finger.

Don asks…

details for vermiculture and bio-organic in kitchen garden at home?

Home Gardener answers:

Here is a post about it.

Lisa asks…

I am making kitchen cupboards out of mdf, but i would like them to have a high gloss finish. What paint i use?

I would rather use spray paint as it is a better finish. My old doors were painted in cupbord paint and the brush marks were really obvious. I want them to look like this…….


Home Gardener answers:

You can use any gloss paint, in a spray can if you do not have some sort of sprayer. You can also use just about any paint mat,semi gloss and topcoat with spray laquer to acieve the gloss finsih. This also opens a few options like glazing, ect. If you would want to get really creative.

Paul asks…

Is it worh me having a tumble dryer? I find that my clothes are still damp in the evening?

I live in a housing association flat and although I live in a warm place the clothes can still be slightly damp the next day. My washing maschine is 1500 spin ring so it shouldn’t take too long. I am tempted to buy one just to get the damp out of the clothes as I find some of the can smell a bit if I have to leave them open up for a few days. What do you think? I normally hang my wet cloths on a clothes horse in the hall with the kitchen window open. I was thinking of buying a a mini one like



Home Gardener answers:

Absolutely worth it.. I don’t know what it is with hang drying?! I mean.. If it’s fresh outside, it leaves a nice clean sent.. But if your clothes get rained on.. Or an animal gets too close.. They don’t dry fast enough.. Or any number of things happen, then they smell bad and you have to rewash.
I am an expat.. I have always had a washer and dryer, but now in my new home I have neither.. And it totally sucks.. I’m hoping to get both within the month..
The dryer that you listed looks decent.. And is not expensive, man, I wish I could find something that cheap here.. Each unit will cost me about 5 times that, so if I want both.. Ouch!

So, I would say check the consumer reports on the one you have listed, as well as others, and buy a dryer best quality for the money you have to spend and that meets your needs.

Happy Laundering! :)

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