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Lynn asks…

Need some good ideas for a patio fence.?

I have bought 7 black trellises to put around the edge of my patio garden. They stand about 6 foot tall and about 2 1/2 feet wide. The tops has openings that look like a window to which you can hang a large basket of flowers (which I have). The trellis are also spaced out in which I have BIG pots of flowers on the ground between them. My question is I need something to connect the trellis to make them look right. The trellis look like black banding that have braided through, kind of what you would do to a pie top, when you lay the crust under and over each other and the spaces are left in between. Hopefully you can understand what I am trying to do, but need some great ideas. Also this is a container garden, and the cheaper the better for I have spent alot of money and my budget is shot!!!! Thanks Patty

Home Gardener answers:

This sounds really pretty! And now, since your budget is shot, it’s time to get creative.

Go to your local hardware store like Lowe’s or Home Depot and check out the wooden lattice. The ones I got were about three feet by six feet and cost around $16.00 each, but that was years ago. Still, this is going to be your cheapest alternative.

After buying the proper amount, you’ll have to finish the tops and bottoms. You can use lathing strips for this, which are cheap. If you want to be fancier, use molding. Whatever you use, get enough to do both sides of the lattice, so it’s sturdier.

The next step is to prime all the wood on all the surfaces with a good primer. Make sure you prime the wood even on the parts that won’t show. Paint all the wood whatever color you want.

To attach the wooden “frame”, you’ll need some wood glue and “c” clamps. Spread the glue on the frame, then attach to the lattice. Clamp and let dry. Use brads or staples to attach. Paint, then coat with verathane. Really well. You can attach these to your planters with wire. Note: You can also buy lattice in vinyl, but it’s more expensive.

Another option? Make some screens. You’ll need to build frames. Prime and prep the wood. Using an electric staple gun and rust-proof staples, fasten an outdoor fabric to one side of the frame. Set other frame on top and use staples or brads to fasten. Screens can be attached together with hinges. Make sure they won’t rust!

It’s hard to describe this without pics! I hope this is clear. Please feel free to e-mail me with questions.

Here are some ideas for folding screens:

I hope this at least gives you some ideas! Good luck!

Susan asks…

Ideas for decorating lounge with black leather sofas?

I have just moved to a new house, my suite is 2 leather sofas and i need some ideas for decorating the room. I want to paint the walls and buy some accessories to make it look nice but can’t find any photos with black suites to give me inspiration. The room is rectangle shaped, a good size and has laminate flooring. It has patio doors out to the back garden. Any ideas or links to photos would be great! thanks

Home Gardener answers:

Paint the walls a deep red or crimson or brown or a greenish color. Zebra or other animal print pillows would make it look very nice. Also hanging up painting or pictures really ties up a room. Heres a picture with brown walls,0,153,18525,810,599,7b577d24.jpg

and heres green

Hope i helped :-D

Helena asks…

Ideas for the garden to look good?

I live with my family and we have in our back garden a medium lawn but want to change it. we have a medium lawn and a small pond in the corner a nice patio a greenhouse and a shed. we went to the library to look at books and would like to have decking in the middle or cobbles in a circle and have stone around the edges with alpine plants like aloe vera. would that be nice or should we just save our money?

Home Gardener answers:

This specialist website should be of help to you with more information on that.

Rachel asks…

Ideas for pot plants/small garden?

I have a small patio/garden space facing south east on the ground floor of my flat. I would like to make it come to bloom this year and would appreciate any suggestions for easy to care for plants and also if I can grow any kind of veg or herbs. I don’t know much about gardening so nothing too complicated but I would very much like to grow some things in pots this year. What is best? When should I start germinating seeds and growing things?

Home Gardener answers:

Mint is easy to grow and virtually impossible to kill. It also smells fantastic and can be used in cooking. Philodendrons are also easy plants, as well as spider plants. Alyssum is good if you want something that flowers, especially if you want something strongly scented; it smells like honey. Tomatoes are pretty easy going, but are sensitive to frost and high temperatures; they like it when it’s between seventy and one hundred. Radishes grow if you simply toss the seeds in soil; just make sure that you shield them from birds. If you are looking at bulb plants, try fairy lilies; they grow quickly and easily in pots, just keep them out of reach of rabbits.

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