Questions And Answers On Retaining Walls Design

Paul asks…

What do you need to have in order to design a retaining wall?

I just need some general info on the design of retaining walls when you are about to construct a building complex.
I can answer my question Yahoo! Answers but I wanted more information because the more ideas you have, the better your chances to arrive at the best answer.

Home Gardener answers:

List of plausable materials, what the substrate is made up of, bracing materials, and method to be used. Will you need to use a liner to prevent washout?

Lynn asks…

free retaining wall design using rail road cross ties?

Home Gardener answers:

Lay out the ties, drill holes and drive 3/4″ re-bar through into the ground.

Go through all the ties, and go at least 12″ into the ground for each tie. And don’t go more than 4 ties high as they will tend to lean if you do.

Remember that these will rot out after several years.

Good luck.

Davina asks…

where can i get a retaining wall structure drawing???i already design the reinforcement but…?

i already design the reinforcement….but don;t know how to draw the detailing like the spacing between the pipe…..i just need a complete drawing of retaining wall…..where can i get it??help……

Home Gardener answers:

You can also go to the city planning commission and get drawings for retaining walls and the materials you will need, some area’s require special materials so you need to ask. And that is what you pay them for with your taxes anyway. I checked out the site that was recomendedand it showed a couple of examples of thier mesihing system, I liiked the ideal but like I said go to the building office they are going to be the ones that will tell you how it has to be built.

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