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Davina asks…

What is the best type/brand of tobacco for making tobacco water pesticide for home gardens?

What is the best kind of tobacco to buy for making tobacco water for pesticide for my home gardens. I bought a can of Grizzly natural Chewing tobacco becasue it was cheap, but is there a better brand to buy or are cigarette tobaccos better to use for pesticides? Also what is the best method of making it? I heard that just boiling in a pot of water and straining out the tobacco works well but is there a better way?

Home Gardener answers:

N. Rustica has the highest amount of nicotine and is often used as a pesticide. Boiling it down will work just fine.

Kylee asks…

Is the President trying to tax small home gardens?

I hear that President Obama is trying to put taxes on small home gardens because if you have one you don’t use your local store for fruit and veggies and that’s bad for the economy is that right?

Home Gardener answers:

What a load of hooey – don’t believe everything you hear.

They can tax my garden when they pry my homegrown tomatoes out of my cold, dead hand.

Cindy asks…

Best insecticide for home gardens?

What is the best, and safest, insecticide to use for home vegetable gardens?

Home Gardener answers:

The best natural Insecticide is burning neem leaves in ur garden it keeps the harmful insects away however doesnt kill the earthworms

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