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John asks…

Any free garden design software out there?

Home Gardener answers:

Try Garden Insight Software:

But remember…you get what you pay for!

Jemima asks…

Professional Garden Design Software?

Hi Everyone!

I am looking for a professional garden design software (CAD), which helps me to move from hand drawing to the computer. I am looking for a program that will allow me to create hand drawn look-a-likes on the PC. I found a software called DynaScape, but it is rather expensive (3000$).
Any suggestions?



Home Gardener answers:

WOW nice information i get from you.thank you

Paul asks…

Landscape / Garden Design Software – any recommendations please?

Home Gardener answers:

Check the altavista or google images for landscaping, you will get hundreds of ideas…

Rachel asks…

Best Garden Design Software.?

Hi, I am looking for Garden design software to start a large garden project.
It will need to be easy to use, have the ability to stage a large garden. I would also prefer for it to have its own database of commonly used plants, eg: If I want to have a rose bed I would like to be able to place rose plants not just see the writing. It would be ideally around the $50 mark and no more. Any one know of anything like that. Many thanks in advance for your answers.

Home Gardener answers:

Here is a free trial with limitations.

Trial Limitations
The trial contains a small number of plants and other objects, but is otherwise fully functional. A watermark appears on movies and printouts. The full version of the software comes with over 12,000 objects and a printed Quick Start guide.


Marie asks…

Hi – I am looking for a laptop/netbook which can handle powerful garden design software…?

…any suggestions?


What size hard drive?
Solid state?

Should I get a laptop built for gaming and be done with it?

I have a fairly restricted budget.

All answers appreciated – Thanks in advance.

Home Gardener answers:

Any laptop with 3GB RAM minimum, and a Dual-Core Pentium processor at T5400 and above. HDD Size about 300GB minumum :)

I’ll give you a few links;



Hope it helps!

Caroline asks…

best software for garden design?

whats the best software for an aspiring garden design?

Home Gardener answers:

The Game called “the sims” if very popular for people who want to desighn houses very easly and or gardens! Soo i suggest you get into gaming with the Sims!

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