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Caroline asks…

Is there a Gardening for Dummies site ?

I just bought my first house and I finally have a nice big yard. I want to start gardening but I have the black thumb of doom when it comes to plants. Is there a good web site for people like me who are just starting with gardening ? Like how to start compost, tips, what certain plants need, stuff like that that is easy to understand.

Home Gardener answers:

You might try going to the local junior college for an extension course.There are several sites for the book:

or go directly to their site:

Chris asks…

Why is “Vegetable Gardening for Dummies” so expensive – is it out of print? If so, will…?

…it be republished?
This book is one of the many from the popular “Dummies” how-to series. Charlie Nardozzi is the author.

Home Gardener answers:

It is indeed out of print. However, it’s been replaced by the Gardening All-in-One book, which describes itself as “7 books in one”. Its final sub-book is the vegetable gardening book, and was written by the same Charlie Nardozzi, probably taken from the same text as the Vegetable Gardening book.

I imagine there’s enough common material on the basics of gardening that it doesn’t really merit 7 separate books, which are more effort to produce, more valuable space on bookstore shelves, etc.

And at $20 at Amazon it’s a lot cheaper and more complete than the old book.

Shelley asks…

Gardening for dummies?

I am starting a garden, I have cleared the spot of all grass and weeds, tilled the dirt and am ready to put down potting soil to mix in to existing dirt. Now I am ready to plant. I have zuchini, yellow squash, cucumbers, and tomatoe seeds, what is the best way to do this? Need any and all advice for novice gardener…..PLEASE

Home Gardener answers:

Best thing you can do at this point is to blend in your potting soil and start planting. With seeds, you’ll need to read the packets to find out spacing for the seeds and the plants themselves.. After seeding, water to keep the soil moist (but not soaking wet).

Wait for the plants to germinate, then thin them out, as recommended.

Keep record or mark what you planted where.. That way, you can know what’s coming up, what’s doing well and what’s not.

Be ready to stake or cage your tomatoes as they start to grow.. They tend to fall over and be messy. Cukes and squash spread out.. A LOT, so give them room to grow.

Good luck.. Enjoy your veggies!

Jemima asks…

gardening for dummies?

trying to revive my garden ground is hard and have bought soil amender, top soil, manure, and compost. my husband is going to till it and im not sure in which order or i put all this stuff. i know im opening myself to a lot of criticism i am new to this and am trying to learn please be kind.

Home Gardener answers:

My personal opinion is that you don’t need all that fancy stuff, Buy a soil test kit to see what blend of fertilize you need to bring the fertility up , spread it over the garden area and till it in. When you transplant , pour Miracle Gro into the hole as you set the plant to give them a jump start. When the plants start to bloom , spray Miracle Gro on them every two weeks during active fruiting for better production. Good luck and happy gardening.

Marie asks…

Gardening help…?

I recently bought a house, and know nothing about gardening but have the need to beautify my new yard with flowers. Does anyone know a good website for gardening dummies like myself? My boring colorless yard thanks you :)

Home Gardener answers:

My i suggest you take the time and look the neighboorhood over-you will find people that have spent a lot of money finding the right plants for your area-most are glad to help you with information.

Jane asks…

New to Gardening?

Hi, I am completely new to gardening, adn I was wondering if anyone could proivide me with info adn help. We just purchased our first home and although the house itself is beautiful, the garden isnt. Let me explain…. We live in an upper cottage flat adn with most, the front is for the pepole who live below us and we thought the whole back area would be ours. However, that is not how it is. What I am trying to say is that ours is shaped like an L and it is a nice size. It does need to be levelled off though as it goes ona slope. I guess what I am trying to say is that we havent got alot of money to do this. Would we be better to get a few friends round adn start digging this summer?I myself think thats a daft idea but partner doesnt. My other question is, I want to have lovely flowers adn some veg growing out back but not sure when to plant ect. Are there any gardening books out their for gardening dummies such as myself? I want it to become a hobby in future.Thanks in advance
would like to add that we are in Glasgow so weather might be a problem in some suggestions Ie, the type of flowers we plant may not thrive due to our adverse weather conditions

Home Gardener answers:

First get the ground levelled off and stand back and make rough plans. Then check out your soil type because then you will know what will grow well (I can’t grow acid loving plants like Rhodedendroms) you can get a soil checker from garden centre. A greenhouse is a good idea to protect things from the frost and wind and you can grow from seed. The best thing to do is ask neighbours and see what they successfully grow.

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