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Shelley asks…

Anyone know the name or manufacturer of the lawn chair shown at the Seattle Home Show by L&E Garden Swings?

I saw a picture in the Times with a really cool looking lawn chair at the L&E Garden Swings booth. But I can’t find any information online.

Home Gardener answers:


I like it , too!…

Wayne asks…

Does anyone remember a show on one of the home and garden channels about making a cement planter box?

I watched a show about 2 years ago and a lady made a cool planter box out of cement that takes a month or so to dry. Then she put a rock garden and other succulants and I would love to watch that again so I can make one. Thanks.,1785,HGTV_3561_4834334_01,00.html i found it!!

Home Gardener answers:

How funny! I do remember that but I think I saw it in a women’s magazine. There was a kit that you could send off for and I think you molded the planter around something else and then it dry forever! I seem to recall that it was cement mixed with perlite, that stuff you usually mix in potting soil. Seems like you could just purchase some Quik Crete at the Home Depot and make a mess on your own! LOL Let me know if you do, I always wanted to make one as well!

Daniel asks…

How can I find a “How To” site that shows me how to build a windmill for my home garden decor?

Home Gardener answers:

Here is one site that is selling plans to make your own windmill. The plans cost $9.95 and it is a really cute windmill. I will keep checking to see if I can find another option, maybe even free!

Lisa asks…

Home & garden makeover shows?

How do you apply/get on these shows????

Home Gardener answers:

Most probably each show have their website , you can apply there, It’s very easy.


Kylee asks…

In my garden my show plants are getting spoiled by black ants ?Any help?

Black ants are consistently spoiling my show plants and I dont have any plant disinfectant to protect them .Is there any home remedy to protect plants from black ants?Please help !I cant see my plants dying one by one.:(

Home Gardener answers:

Try soaking very hot peppers in water and spray..also check for aphids some ants farm them like we do cows ,they will move them and their eggs around on the plants..good luck!

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