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Davina asks…

Flower beds?

I need a safe way to keep kittens out of my flower beds. I heard citrus oil anyone ever used this and if so does it work?

Home Gardener answers:

Try a combination of citrus peels and moth balls.

Plant catnip and cat mint in an area where they are allowed to go.

Dig out a two by two area and replace the dirt with sand – thus providing them with a specific area to poo. Be sure to clean this out often, so they will continue to use this space and not other areas of the garden.

Plant rue, as cats d not like it…nor do they like thorny plants.

Do not use cayenne pepper with kittens. If they should get it on themselves and lick it, they cannot get the pepper out of their mouths! It is a cruel method to use for dogs or cats!

Hope this helps.

David asks…

How do I make flower beds when the area in my yard is small hills?

I would like the flower beds to flow over or with the small hills and mounds. The hills I speak of are 2-3 feet high.
I need ideas on how to start the actual beds. I know how to chalk off, etc but should I dig into the present soil or try raised beds? Use borders of some type of wood? Use pinestraw borders? If I dig into present soil, how deep?

Home Gardener answers:

When you dig a new flower bed the soil expands as you break it up. Even on flat ground you end up with a mound. Of course, it eventually sinks back down as it settles. Most informal beds are constructed as small mounds so your hills should work just fine for this. I recommend using rocks or brick for a boundary as you can acheive a more natural look than with timbers. You don’t need to dig deeply UNLESS there are roots that would resprout and come up among your flowers. I have clay soil and find 12″ to be adequate. Mix any amendments (compost) into this. Set your plants, mulch and water deeply. The link below has many pictures in several different areas.

Helena asks…

How can I clean my Flower beds, which are now full of weeds ?

Weeds are growing in the Flower beds very quickly. It is in alarming dimensions, it grows like anything with in days.

Home Gardener answers:

Good luck the problem is that the dirt is now full of the seeds that the weeds that are growing in there. The best way to rid the weeds is to replace the dirt. Or pull the weeds and keep up with it, weeds grow anywhere and are pretty much dedicated to nothing other than reproducing. Not that other plant arent but weeds adapt to thier surroundings and flowers are not native to most ares.

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