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Richard asks…

Landscapers- how much does it cost for the 12 ft X 4in- green Metal flowerbed edging?

Home depot never updates their website and lowes doesnt show it on their website i was hopeing i could ask a landscaper so i can get an idea what they cost so i can do my yard

Home Gardener answers:

That’s going to depend on what part of the country you live in. The best thing to do is to call around to a few landscape supply stores. Big boxes generally don’t carry heavy duty edging.

Kylee asks…

Is a power rake and a dethatcher the same thing?

We want to dethatch our yard and we were going to do it ourselves rather than pay a landscaper – I checked Home Depot‘s tool rental list and they don’t have a “dethatcher” but they do have a “power rake” – Are those the same or what’s the difference? I’ve never dethatched before and am not a big gardener.

Home Gardener answers:

Yes, and they’re awesome. There’s another similar tool called a Verticutter which will cut deeper into your lawn, and is really only for use when you’re planning to totally re-seed. The Dethatcher/Power Rake have a fixed blade, so they’ll only cut so deep, but a Verticutter has a moving blade that will actually cut down to and even a little into the soil.

Remember to:
1. Mow as short as you can first
2. Mark your sprinkler heads (I killed 2 – OOPS)
3. De-thatch
4. Run your mower over the lawn just to help bag the debris.

You’ll be shocked at how much comes out, but your new lawn will be SO worth it looking crappy for a little while now.

Jane asks…

What’s an cheap and easy way in landscaping your backyard?

Landscapers charge us for like… $2000-$2500… and… we feel like… it’s not worth it… so we decided to get the materials our self so it would cost less.. but i don’t think it’s easy because,,, first of all… bricks are heavy… secondly we don’t have a truck to carry those bricks from home depot… so what’s a cheap and easy way to landscape our backyard?

Home Gardener answers:

Sounds like your going to have to work hard to save some cash! I believe you can rent a truck by the hour at most home depots. Your gonna have to get dirty! Put some music on grab a beer and make it fun.

Jim asks…

Is it really worth the extra money to get a professional grade broadcast spreader??

I am a landscaper and use to using the cheaper broadcast spreaders that you find at Home Depot, Scotts Speedy Green 3000 for example.

But I see a lot of landscapers hauling around these more heavy duty looking, round barrel shaped broadcast spreaders with rubber tires all the time, and was wanting to know the reason why?

I checked the prices of these spreaders and they are nearly 3 x the price of the Scotts Brand Spreaders you find at Home Depot.

Are they really worth it, if you are doing a lot of seed and fertilizer spreading?

Do they hold a lot more seed? Do they spread more accurately? More evenly? What exactly?? Why??

Thanks for you answers!
Why do professional landscapers feel these heavy duty spreaders are worth the considerable extra money???
Why do professional landscapers feel these heavy duty spreaders are worth the considerable extra money???
To the first answerer, I have been using the “push kind” previously.

What I am talking about here is the push kind that they are using is more “professional grade” .

Where as the push spreader I am purchasing now at Home Depot costs around $50.00. These types I am seeing them use are $150.00.

I am not using the hand held type!!

Home Gardener answers:

You get what you pay for.We use Earth way spreaders.You can use it in the summer for fertilizer and in the winter for spreading calcium chloride for ice.They hold up well,just rinse them of with water when you are done for the day.

Charlie asks…

Gardeners and landscapers, ornamental grass question?

What ornamental grasses are good for a slope? I know some like to be moister than others and I’m assuming that being on a slope that they won’t stay very moist. Also our Home Depot has a bunch of pink mushy grass. I can’t find any info about them on the web. No pic.s or info as to how tall they get etc. Is anyone familiar with them? Thanks

Home Gardener answers:

That’s pink muhly grass = 2′ tall. Weeping love grass is great for slopes if you can find it. Miscanthus or pampas grass will work

Nancy asks…

I want to cover up an ugly part of my yard with bark mulch, do I have to lay down landscaping cloth?

I live in BC, so the Pacific North West gets a ton of rain, and weeds always grow thick and fast spring/early summer. I was wondering if the mulch alone will suffocate the weeds over time or do I really have to lay landscapers cloth? Also does anyone have a creative/inexpensive idea for boaders to seperate the mulch from the rest of my lawn. They have to great snap togethers at home depot but man they are a small fortune for the size I need! :) This is to go around and in between a large cluster group of huge evergreens. Thanks for any help, and as always any answers are greatly apprecaited. Have a great day everybody :)

Home Gardener answers:

Hey, I have great results with a nice layer of mulch alone and no landscape cloth. You really have to spray big perennial weeds first with Roundup or remove them before applying mulch or whatever. Stuff like chickweed that just seeds in can be smothered with the mulch. I would prefer to spend the money on deeper mulch and not landscape cloth because I think it is better for the soil in the long run and for the plants I want to grow in it. Mulch that is 2-3″ deep does an excellent job here in Michigan to discourage weeds. Add a little more to the top every couple years if you need to. Be careful not to bury good plants up to the neck in mulch though to avoid crown damage. The weeds dont grow under the skirts of established plants much anyway due to the shade and competition. Really, the mulch only needs to be thick enough to prevent sunlight from hitting the soil to be effective. Then if I want to plant more plants in my garden I dont have to cut through some stuff to do it. And, nothing looks worse than mulch sliding off the landscape cloth on a slope! So it may have its place, but ….

On the edging the old fashioned way is to cut the border and leave the cut edge of the turf exposed to the air. Cut straight down thru the turf 4″ and remove the sod along the edge. Then brush the dirt upward from the cut into the flower bed. Leaves a V-shaped edge. Lots of work but sure looks crisp. Not hard to maintain but you do have to re-do this from time to time as the grass grows. If you elect to install “bed edger” please please please PLEASE set it in deep enough. It is meant to stop grass roots from growing into the flower bed — not to hold mulch in raised beds. You shouldn’t be able to see the edge stuff from several feet away.

Davina asks…

Can I do my own trenching around landscaping areas that looks professional?

I had a landscaper look at my front and back yards. I have areas of mulched plantings. Most have that permeable weed cloth under the mulch. He talked about using some sort of trenching machine to make a finished edge and tie things together in a visual sense. It makes a rut maybe? Is that a machine that most rental places or maybe Home Depot rents out or is it a very specialized machine. I’ve heard it is NOT the type of machine that does the edging next to sidewalk but I don’t know that for sure. Of course I could do it by hand…Ugh!
If I did it by hand, how deep are we talking about?

Home Gardener answers:

Its called a bed edger. It puts a 45deg. Angle about 3-4 inches deep around the bed. Best thing to do is to mark the edge of the bed with marking paint.(its the kind that marks upside down) To make a nice round circle around trees tie a piece of rope lightly around the tree and pull out enough to make to size circle tie knot around the marking paint and then slowly walk around it makes a nice line that you can use the edger to make that “PROFESSIONAL” look. It also helps keeping weeds from growing into the bed. Home Depot might have one but most rental places have one the you can rent.
Hope to works

Mike asks…

How do I keep cats from using my new sod, soil and grass seed as a litter box?

We just paid a landscaper $2300 to install a stone patio and new sod, soil and grass seed in our shady back yard. We need to grow grass quick! The problem is that every time I go back there, the neighbor’s disgusting cats have dug holes and defecated-gross! I sprinkled some hot pepper capsules(humane) from Home Depot around the perimeter, but its not working…HELP!

Home Gardener answers:

Cats don’t like strongly smelling substances, so your pepper should have helped. They also hate moth balls for the same reason, and these are more water tolerant than the products being sold for cat deterrent.

Some thorny twigs should prevent them digging too. Final solution is a motion activated watering system, which will deter them quickly!

As they are creatures of habit, breaking the habit will help them form a new one of going somewhere else. Remove any scents that they have left, as these are marking points – this does mean washing away thoroughly, though I know that you’re having to clean up after them anyway.

Blocking entrance holes that they are using would also be useful, as well as any fences that they may walk on – again smells will be a deterrent here. It may help even to leave some other animal manure on walk ways, for a while, as they will detest it.

Hope this helps. Good luck! Rob

David asks…

Office Depot question / job?

Right now I’m going to Community college , I’m 19 yrs old and i really need a job… and i already filled out an application with office depot (walk in)
but i took it home to fill it out ,but i havent turned it in yet
ALSO i don’t know which positions i can apply for ! …can someone list them or give me a link to where i can find the list of positions ?

Another question is I do have a lot of job experience but never real job experience ……
every job that i have had when i was a minor was straight up pay with cash from my employers i never filled out or signed any kind of employment papers will Office depot still accept this as a real job? because they did pay me….
I was a soccer Ref , Janitor , And landscaper will this be good enough for any position with them? also
I know a lot about software and Applications
and im very computer savvy
Do i have a chance? please i need answers
10 pts to anyone who can help thanks in advance

Home Gardener answers:

As far as what position-just put down Sales/Cashier. Since you are 19 thats probaby the kind of job they would give you anyways. They would have you working the floor, helping customers who walk in and maybe stocking shelves or running the cash register in between times.
And yes, put down those jobs even though you dont consider them a “real job”. Dont sell yourself short-those were real jobs. They will understand that you are just a younger person. They arent going to expect a 3 page resume from you. Just put down what you did and who you worked for and maybe some contact information from that person. To tell you the truth, alot of stores dont even bother to check into past jobs anyways.
Like i said though-dont sell yourself short. Dont go in there with a negative attitude that you have never had a real job. Go in there and tell them what you can do and have done and dont focus on what you cant do or havent done.
I think you have a very good chance.

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