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Lisa asks…

Jobs in Horticulture in the US?

My mother is from South Africa and runs nursery there called Kameeldorings Nursery. Due to recent political and civil unrest it is no longer safe for her to live and work in South Africa. Does anyone know of any jobs in Horticulture or something similar that would be willing to support a work visa for her. She has extensive knowledge in the field and is willing to work anywhere in the United States. Please respond with contact information for her if you are interested or know of anyone who might be interested in hiring her.

Home Gardener answers:

I am very sorry to hear about the problems there and the way it has forced your Mom to leave. There are many professional sources you can check. The American Society of Landscape Architecture puts out a magazine that has many sources that may help you.


Then you can go to the ASLA site.


The the American Nursery and Landscape Association has a site also.


Good luck to your Mom.

Elizabeth asks…

how can I find out what government jobs are available for horticulture degrees?

Home Gardener answers:

Check with your state’s Department of Natural Resources.

Mark asks…

What kind of jobs can you get with horticulture?

Home Gardener answers:

You can work in a green house or nursery or you can do professional landscaping.

Nancy asks…

What kind of jobs can you get with a degree in horticulture?

Home Gardener answers:

Working at a home center (Lowes, Home Depot, Target, Kmart, etc) that has a nursery section; for a nursery near you; for a school/district – if they still have horticulture classes as they did in the olden days (1960′s)

Jim asks…

Is horticulture a difficult or very competitive field to find jobs and get education in?

Home Gardener answers:

You can lead a horticulture, but you can’t make her think!!

Marie asks…

Are there any well paid jobs in horticulture?

Home Gardener answers:

Golf course greens management. Kansas State University even has a degree in it.

Charlie asks…

Looking to get a degree in Horticulture….what jobs pay well?

Are there any certain fields that are more lucrative than others that I should aim towards?

Home Gardener answers:

In Horticulture you can work in several areas.
Sales – Nursery/Grower/Etc
Chemical/Genetics – (Really nice pay right now)

If I were you, I would also look into Landscape design at the same time. Having both a degree in horticulture and in design.

Although in the corporate worlds of chemicals and genetics…that is VERY lucrative.

David asks…

What jobs can you get out of a Horticulture course?

Home Gardener answers:

Department of Agriculture, state or federal.

Food producers trying to develop better crops.

Work at or own a florist shop or nursery.

One last thing–I laughed when I first read your question, because I once knew a guy whose parents told him they wanted him to at least take two years of college at the community college on whatever he wanted–they just wanted assurance that he would expand his world and his knowledge beyond high school.

So, he got an associate’s degree in horticulture, and grew marijuana plants in his attic, working on the plants for eight years and getting a more potent crop each time. I don’t recommend this, you understand. Just thought you’d like the story.

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