Questions And Answers On Grow Your Own Vegetables

Ken asks…

Where you able to leave everything beyond and plant your own vegetables and grow your own animals?

Home Gardener answers:

I’d starve to death, waiting for them to grow.

Kirstie asks…

Is it a sin in America to grow & consume your own vegetables , will you go to hell for doing so ?

H.R. 875

Is it a sin yet ?

Home Gardener answers:

It is not a sin, just government trying to reign in the populus and have us more firmly under their thumb. Government doesn’t want free thinkers, just dumb followers. It is scary what Gov’t is doing and not telling.

Shelley asks…

What type of incentive would persuade you to grow your own fruits and vegetables?

Home Gardener answers:

Having the space for a garden, a free supply of seeds, a shorter work week, and a tax write off.

That’s all I would need. Oh, and maybe someone to come over and weed the garden for free, but that’s not a deal breaker just a bonus.

Davina asks…

How much better is it really to grow your own fruit and vegetables, particularly organically?

Home Gardener answers:

Organic gardening is the best! You should try it. Be prepared for a big harvest and you will have to can, freeze, or give away a lot of stuff cuz it all comes at once.

David asks…

do you grow your own vegetables?

Home Gardener answers:

Sure but i need a hand turning the ground .

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