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Kylee asks…

How to recycle different types of garbage? Are there any street trashboxes for metal, plastic, organics, etc?

I live in an appartment in a building, we have the trashboxes for glass, paper/cardboard, and the trashbox for all the other type of garbage
Also, we can get rid off our old batteries and old light-bulbs in most of supermarkets and malls

But can we recycle metal garbage such as steel, iron, aluminium paper, drink cans, etc?

And all those plastic bottles, and other plastic garbage?

And how can I recycle organic garbage (vegetables, fruits, etc ), although I don’t have a garden ( I live in an appartmen)?
Can I make compost at home??

Thank you in advance!!

Home Gardener answers:

Our city has recycle bins for each home and we have trash receptacle’s that are plastic. Cans can be recycled. I use s small waste basket in all our rooms and recycle grocery bags to use a trash bags before putting them in their containers outside. I don’t use the dish washer and I also hang dry all my clothing.

Enveloped and junk mail I recycle whatever can be used for my scrap books since there is a lot of paper waste or I use them to make note paper out of it for short notes to my husband. Instead of sponges I use dish rags that can be washed instead of paper towels and as well we use old T-shirt rags. Hotel shampoo or sample size soaps and stuff I use to hand wash clothing, I do my own dry cleaning w/ Dryell and the list goes on and on. You can get very creative when cooking as well, cook in bulk and freeze so you don’t waste electricity for the same amount of time cook two roasts instead of one in the crock pot. Also, cheaper. Home made cookies is cheaper than purchasing them. Also, if you have a dollar store close to you, you’d be surprised what you can find in there.

Ken asks…

Vegetarians – help me plan a menu please?

I was thinking for a meal for 6 people (everything will be home made, including any breads, pastas and sauces, and all vegetables and fruit are from my garden are organic (PS Everybody is mad on my garlic i grow jumbo sized cloves, that don’t smell on the breath!! )

to start

Cream of Wild Mushroom soup, with garlic croutons

Stuffed baby patty-pan squashes with a filing including wild rice, smoked tofu, shallots and fresh herbs and a little garlic, served with a roasted tomato sauce, wilted spinach courgette and carrot ribbons.

Lemon cheesecake served with raspberries and whipped cream

selection of vegetarian cheeses and biscuits, grapes


port, cognac, liqueurs
hand made chocolates
My question is, is it balanced enough or what other suggestions would you make
Thumbs Down fairy – GO AWAY!!

Home Gardener answers:

Yummmmm……….humus would taste nice too with the crackers

Rachel asks…

What should I be looking for to determine the QUALITY of vitamins?

My husband & I have decided to add vitamins to our diet. He is in his 40′s me my 30′s. We have a very busy lifestyle, with 4 young children & we each work full-time with part-time jobs. We average 6 hrs of sleep.
I would like to think we eat “well” but we do not. All meals are ate at home. Our meat is all home grown & organic or wild.. (beef, pork, lamb, pheasant etc, venison) We eat lots of vegatables esp in the fall with 50% of our veggies being garden raised. (Not that we are health food nuts, but it is cheaper to raise your own if you have the means) Fruit is not ate very often in our home. (except by the kids) Canola oil is used in place of vegetable oil. I am overweight, my husband is a little but does more physically demanding work that I. We both have arthritis (me rhuematory, him osteo) We drink lots of water not much milk… I never drink milk. And sorry we will not be adding chicken or fish to our diets.

My question is how do you determine, by looking at a label, the difference in vitamins. How do I know what is easily and readily used by the body? I do not wish to try to balance vitamins myself by taking several. Can anyone suggest a good colon cleansing product as well? If you know of a good vitamin brand that is affordable please recommend. We are on a tight income so spending $100 per month is crazy to us.
I have heard One a Day’s are not that beneficial & the body does not utilize much of them…basically just flushing it down the toilet.

Ensure? gross…are you kidding me?
Thanks guy in the city, we are carnivores…LOL
Can’t stand the taste of olive oil, tried it.
We do drink V-8 occasionally. Bread is always whole wheat and usually homemade. Our pasta is not whole wheat tho.
Oh, believe me I KNOW we don’t get enuf sleep but there are not enuf hours in the day.

Home Gardener answers:

Hate to break it to you but Vitamins for most people do little to nothing. If your eating lots of veggies your getting a good portion of your vitamins there. If you can afford it the easiest thing to do is to switch to olive oil. Olive oil has a lot of anti-oxidants in it and it has good fats which help reduce your cholesterol level. You can buy big jars of it at a warehouse club. You are eating just red meat which in moderation is Okay. But too much read meat can lead to heart disease and other ailments. Are you getting any complex carbohydrates like whole wheat bread? The worst thing you can eat is probably white bread. It gets converted directly to sugar in the body. If you don’t use that sugar for energy then it goes directly to fat. You should really be eating some fruits and that does not include apple juice. There is basically no nutritional value in apple juice it is basically sugar water. The V-8 juice or juice fusion drinks are very good tasting. Since you guys are in your 30′s and 40′s 6 hours of sleep is not good at all. 6 Hours is normal for people in their mid to late 50′s to the later years. You should at least get 7-8 hours most nights.

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