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Jane asks…

landscaping shrubs, I want to plant shrubs in large barrel containers, can I please read below ?

I have purchased some “privacy” bushes and I want to put them in like wiskey barrels , kind of like raised flower beds so they will quickly grow taller than my 5 ft. city ordinance fence, will these shrubs/bushes grow in a wiskey barrel for a few years or ?? I know with many flower perenials they have a very deep tap root and this won’t work but I know not much about bushes and shrubs but these new neighbors are helping me learn fast, here is what I bought on sale in 1 gallon : waxleaf privet, Oregon grape, butterfly bush, …I tried to stick with evergreen I’m zone 7 in Or and our winters rarely get below 25, but once in a while. Teach my about bushes and shrubs the basics OK ?

Home Gardener answers:

The barrel is not good for them, they wouldnt last to long in them. They will get root bound and they will not have enough moisture around them. There are privacy bushes that grow over 5′ all on their own. Sounds like you need an evergreen. They have growth on them all year long. Get a American Arborvitae(pronounce, Aborative) , they can very tall, there are other variety of Arborvitae that grow to different heights. Any Christmas type tree is good too, like Blue Spruce, Fir, Cedar,Hemlock, and Pine, but pine’s can be dirty. Some butterfly bushes are not evergreen. The Oregon grape is perfect. Ask lots of questions when you go to the store/ nusery, they can be a big help. Oh and you are picking a good time to plant too. Good luck

Rachel asks…

Flowering Shrubs for landscaping, North East?

I am looking to landscape my front yard, and I have limited space. I wanted to look for dwarf shrubs, preferably ones that flower part of the year but always have green leaves…

I am going to be putting a butterfly bush in the middle of the two shrubs any ideas or suggestions?


Home Gardener answers:

Peonies is the way to go,great cut flowers too

Ken asks…

Seeking line drawings of trees and shrubs for landscaping?

Need a site that has line drawings of all plants so I can do layouts of landscaping without buying expensive cd’s any and all help will be appreciated!

Home Gardener answers:

Google landscape architecture schematics

Mandy asks…

Should I use mulch or landscaping rocks around shrubs and flowers for our landscaping around the house?

I know mulch is good for adding more nutrients in the ground, but in the long run mulch becomes VERY expensive. Rocks on the other hand look great and are cheaper in the longrun, but they don’t add nutrients in the ground like mulch does.

Home Gardener answers:

If you live in a hot climate, rocks can actually harm your plants by heating the plant roots and reflecting a lot of sunlight that can burn the plants.

It’s much better in most places to use mulch. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Many public utilities offer the wood chippings from trimming trees by utility lines for free. Some tree maintenance companies also offer wood chippings for free.

Check with your local utility company and perhaps call some local tree trimming companies to see what they do with their green waste.

If you’re going to spread any kind of mulch over your ground, I suggest you lay down a barrier of about 8 – 10 sheets of newspaper then put the mulch over it. If you dampen the newspaper once you lay it down, that will keep it from blowing around while you cover it. Old newspaper is free (much cheaper than landscape fabric), and it’s easy to plant through. It blocks a lot of weeds, and it will break down over time along with the mulch and will enrich your soil.

Good luck with your gardening.

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