Questions And Answers On Vegetable Gardening Oklahoma

Shelley asks…

What’s the best space to calorie ratio vegetable garden?

For an Oklahoma balcony…think small containers.

Home Gardener answers:

This is food and drink..!!!
There is no such information
Ask NASA they do hydroponics

French Intense Method
make your container use all the seeds
as they grow Thin

Richard asks…

I need to move my vegetable garden, will it be bad to move it under a security light that’s on all night?

The light is a sodium light from the electric company and is on all night. It’s the best place in my yard to put a garden but I’m worried about pests and critters getting to my garden with the light on all night every night. I live in Oklahoma and it seems like moths and beetles are my biggest problems.

Home Gardener answers:

You are right to be concerned about pests being attracted by the light. Also, I know plants need a certain amount of dark to grow properly. So light all the time might hurt their growth as well.

Find a different spot that gets dark at night.

Mark asks…

What types of vegetables can I grow in containers?

I live in Oklahoma, which is semi-arid, but can have extreme weather (flooding, droughts, high winds, etc). I’d like to begin a container vegetable garden, but I’m having trouble finding what vegetables will grow well in containers … and what size container is needed. Any advice? (Things I want to grow include: green onions, white onion, green beans, tomatoes, potatoes, okra, squash, soy beans, strawberries, jalapenos, etc).

Home Gardener answers:

Almost anything can be grown in a container. Rule of thumb, the larger the plant will get, larger the root system, the bigger the container. Grren onions do okay in smaller ones; white onions and potatoes should be planted in the ground. Peppers should have a planter that they can be staked in. Tomatoes and beans can be taught to trellis in larger pots. Squash need to sprawl usually and strawberries do fantastic in pots.

Charlie asks…

Do any garden vegetables grow in winter in Texas?

The online seed stores claim things like broccoli, celery, carrots, and lettuce will. But I don’t know whether to believe them or not. We are talking N texas by Oklahoma.

Is it too late to plant them?

Home Gardener answers:

The veggies that you listed are an early spring crop here in Indiana. They like sun in the day with temps in the 50′s to low 70′s. At night they can handle temps down to the upper 30′s to low 40′s. As long as these temp ranges cover where you live you should be ok. I am not sure how your fall and winters are where you live. Keep in mind the days to harvest if you plant. Good luck.

Graham asks…

Where is the Garden of Eden located?

I asked my neighbor and she said her mother Eden has a small garden for vegetables but I doubt it is in Oklahoma for some reason.

Home Gardener answers:

Other side of Middle earth next to fairy land.

Elizabeth asks…

Garden Manure ?

I would like to know if horse manure can be used as compost in my vegetable garden, i know cow manure is great but i have lot’s of dried horse manure from my stables, i would like to use it as a soil conditioner as i have deep red Oklahoma clay soil. I have been told horse manure may be too strong is this so? my horses are on a alfalfa and pasture hay diet does this matter?.
thanks for your help!!

Home Gardener answers:

Any manure can be used, but it should be aged. The best thing would be to use it in compost piles with lots of greens, and other debree. Clay soil is already laden down with alot of protiens. I would want to add some fine grit to help loosen the soil. Here in Pa. My grandfather added the ashes from his burn barrel, and from his coal heat. It helped make the soil easier to work.
Another solution, would be to make tea out of the manure. Sounds horrible, but basically you put the manure in large containers with water, and let it brew. Use the water to feed the plants that comes from the container.
Oh, and there is a chance with manure from a pasture, that there will be weed seeds as well., composting cuts down on the weed seeds that survive

Wayne asks…

Starting my first container garden-Vegetables and flowers?

I am going to attempt my first garden and will be doing container gardening on my apartment balcony. I want it to be organic. I live in Oklahoma and am facing South. This is what I have so far:

Two 22 gallon High-Density Resin Planters for vegetables 20-Dimensions 19.5″Wide/High 12″
One 26″ hanging planter box for my flowers
Three (1 Cubic Ft ) Bags Sta Green Flower & Vegetable Soil Planting Mix
One 3 1/2′ Tomato Cage (looks like a long cone sort of)
Two 24″ Metal Plant Props

1 Bonnie Grape Indeterminate Tomato 5″
1 Red BeefSteak Indeterminate Tomato 5″
2 Red Bell Sweet Red Pepper 3″
2 Quinalt Strawberries 2″ (Container is full of leaves already)
1 Daisy plant
2 Dahlia plants
*The plants all came in recyclable pots

1. Can I add one cherry tomato plant into the barrel with the 2 tomato plants?
2. What fertilizer do is a good oneI am considering Spray-N-Grow Micronutrient Concentrate
3. Do I need mulch? What kind and how much do I put in?
4. Will the red or black grower plastic help?
5. Do the barrels need to sit on bricks or something else?
6. Should I buy 1 or two geraniums to plant with the tomatoes.
7. Do I need to add geraniums to the barrel for the strawberries and red bell peppers?

The barrels I bought don’t have holes in them so I’m hoping I can just use a screwdriver and hammer to make them? How many holes do I need for draining?

Thanks in advance for helping me
Crasulad you are amazing. Thanks for taking the time to write all the great info. I am so excited about this.

Home Gardener answers:

You must have drainage hole about 1″ at least, the larger the pot the more holes you will need. Hang up you cherry tomato to save space, and use a good soil, for vegetables. You don’t need geraniums, unless you hang them to save space. You can use a gallonn size plastic black container that already has holes for the large tomato plant, Yes I would raise them on bricks to get more air to them. Try all miniature size fruit and veggies. Petunia are good for pots, and heat. Must you have the daisy and dalia plants, if they are miniatures they may have room, why do you want to mix geraniums with the strawberries and bell peppers? I don’t know what you mean by black plastic, where are you going to put it, these plants will not need any shading. Small onions, parsley can fit into 1/2 gal size pots, I use osomote for fertilizer, it doesn’t drain out of the bottom of the pots, mix with the soil. No you don’t need mulch unless it get really hot, it may cause plants to rot. Use tomato fertilizer for acid loving plants, check this out with your local nursery man. Start the tomatoes, they will only set flowers when the night is warm enough, if they don’t set, use a fine art brush and you do it for them. Put the pepper plants in 1 gal containers. Don’t do it all at once, do it little by little every week until you feel comforatable with this hobby. Try some radishes, they will fit with the tomatoes, as well and nugget carrots.

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