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Paul asks…

Best design shows show on HGTV?

I just upgraded my cable – I like the design shows they have on… not the ‘how to purchase/sell/flip/appraise’ shows. I like the home improvement/gardening/ect. stuff. Anyway, I watch about 1 hour of TV MAXIMUM in a day. I’d like to start timer recording something. Suggestions?

Home Gardener answers:

Divine Design

Rachel asks…

Is There Something Wrong With Me?

About 3 years ago my Dad died. I didn’t really get to know him that well, even though my parents were together. I made it obvious I prefered my Mom without realising, but towards the end of his life I got to know him more, and regretted heavily the desicions I made before.

About 2 months later, our new kitten was maulled to death by a fox in our garden. About a year after that, my Gran died, then my uncle. Now I only have one living grandparent left.

I now have no emotional connection with my Mom, and my sister treats me like dirt, and I havn’t told any of my friends about anything that happened.

A few weeks ago my favourite charactor died in a TV show. I was incredibly sad for several days, and I don’t no why. It was nothing hormonal and I have found my self being constantly feeling down since. Its weird, because I always get connected to charactors in TV shows.

After this I went on a christian skiing holiday, and converted to christianity. I meet the most amazing people there, and, for the first time felt happy. As soon as I got home I felt that incredible sadness again, so much so I booked my own youth holiday with my friend ( with the same people ) a week later. But we might not get a place.

I’m only 13 so I don’t really now the signs of depression, but I was wondering, is anything wrong with me?

Home Gardener answers:

There isn’t anything wrong with you, you sound like a great person. Living and dying is just a part of life, any you only have one right? Make the best of everything, strive for your goals, i know you have great potential. Have hope and faith. I am truly sorry for your loss but you have to remember that they will always be with you and are in a better place. Have no regrets, live your life. If you dont feel well talk things through with your family or friends or even a trusted counselor or adult. You have my support all of the way and i wish you nothing but the best in life!!

Helena asks…

What do you think of my descriptive story?

The winter’s sun shot me in the eyes with its desolate glare, my skin finding no redemption to being eaten by my own salty tears. Everything seemed so slow… there was no wind, yet I could still hear a hussle of the leaves in the chestnut tree besides me. The air was well below freezing, still, I felt no urge to grasp my arms and huddle up like a penguin fighting arctic gales- but even if I wanted to, I couldn’t. I urged my self up, and finally perceived my surroundings, instinctively attempting to keep a sharp eye for any danger. To my left there were hand built stone walls opening up to lush rolling hills, peering off to the distance like a child’s TV show, and to the right, was a single row of industrial terraced housing, built with stone, contrasting from light to dark in a peculiar way and each with a small five foot garden with a plastic-potted plant balancing precariously on either gate post. In between was the perennial road. White lines were distanced apart in the centre until they halted at a zebra crossing- and strangely enough, that lead directly to the front door of one of the terraced houses.

Baffled by this, I found my self taking steps miraculously towards the mystery house. Steps became feet, feet became paces, and paces became hugs strides, but even though I expected to increase in speed, it felt like I was inching steps all over again. I halted at the house with the zebra stripes leading up to it, which seemed to strangle me in its pernicious aura. My heart thumped with rebellion as it jerked my legs towards the house’s coat of mystery, perusing I had no means of escape.

I could hear a faint tap. The tapping was so scarce I had to kneel in front of the stained wooden door to hear it; the cold patio clawing at my knees gave me a sudden urge to fling my arms around my thighs and fight the bitterly cold chains which were grasping me. The tap was so lacking rhythmic value; it was a couple of dire seconds before it tapped again. Images appeared in my head, of a soul confronted by its mortal foe, perhaps using the last of its strength to signal some help-blood draining into the carpet-with this pathetic tap. I opened my eyes, and saw a narrow line between the house and the ground I hadn’t noticed before, entering into the basement. I guessed no-one was home, as there were no lights on. But then again, a ‘mortal foe’ wouldn’t want to gain suspicion. I shuddered, bringing my numb waist up to the height of the window ledge, avoiding the mould which had smothered itself around the window pane.

Two dusty trampled chairs strangely enough surrounded a wide-screen plasma TV, followed by last centuries’ trinkets, ornaments and bush-baby dolls. The walls were covered in pernickety tulip wallpaper, dripping condensation in all corners leaving a green mark on the blood-red carpet. *tap* I swiftly jolted my head at the corner of the TV, in which during the tap a red light bleeped. *Tap* Again and again it bleeped at the same time of the tap. I couldn’t help but wait to guess for the next tap- a feeling of notability washed over me- but I was too focused on the tapping. I felt like a small child again. Everything was suddenly so exciting. I waited for another red light to draw me into its splendid glow, but my eyes were weary and unfocused. The warmth biding my feet burned like a sharp branding iron had hammered into my bone. Quenching my reconnaissance.

A deformed man smirked behind the pitiful glass, watching me shed tears, his blue eyes sunk into the fatigue that overwhelmed my drowning conscience.

Home Gardener answers:

I don’t know, i only read the first sentence – i couldn’t hold all the information. If i wasn’t as tired as i am i think it would be good though.

David asks…

What should i do with the kids this summer?

So i’m baby sitting again this summer and i would like to know some activities to do.

A) 2 boys: one is going into 2nd grade and the other starting kinder garden

B) both love legos, scooby Door videogame, movies (basically have 2 movies they want to watch over and over again… last summer it was transformers and this dinosaurs tv show)

C) upcoming 2nd grader has started reading kid-friendly chapter books with this parent’s at night.

D) upcoming kinder gardener like to play in the dirt and be a boy he is. he is into sticks and shoot ‘em up games (makebelieve)

what can i do with the kids all summer? if your going to say crafts- please give me some ideas.
i already know that for a few hours i’ll let them ride they’re bikes and stuff outside- that’s their favorite thing to do.

We’re in an apartment complex so we have a pool, tennis courts, and a small park near by.

Oh, and i can’t drive yet… i only have a permit.

The mom will be gone all day, the dad sometimes works from home and they’re grandma is usually there, except when she goes to the doc.

Home Gardener answers:

I take my girls to the pool everyday during the summer. They are with other children, they get fresh air and exercise. They aren’t stuck in the house eating and sitting on their fannies.

I get to get a great tan and exercise myself.

I say – take them to the pool. They’ll have a blast – plus – all children should learn how to swim for enjoyment and safety.

Have a great summer.

Alana asks…

What reality shows are there that can makeover our ugly backyard?

I don’t believe we’ll ever get to be on a TV show but at least I can try, maybe I will get some ideas or help with our yard.

We live in a typical San Francisco Sunset home that we bought 3 years ago, but our backyard is not functional at all.
It is nothing but tall overgrown weeds with 1 big tree on the side, but the biggest problem is not getting rid of the weeds and junk but the fact that it is actually 3 levels. First level is a small cement patio, then below it, we have 2 levels of the overgrown madness.

The entire family loves the outdoors (nothing extreme, walks on the beach, parks etc) and it would be nice if we can transform the yard into 1 cohesive relaxing space. We know absolutely nothing about gardening so it would be nice if the yard required minimal maintenance. My parents recently remodeled a lot of the house, it would be nice if this could be my gift to them, I wouldn’t mind spending a chunk of my savings on it but I don’t even know who to turn to.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Home Gardener answers:

I wouldn’t hold my breath for the TV show. You might be able to accomplish quite a bit on your own.

I would first start with a clean slate. You would be surprised by the different perspective this gives you. If you have some muscle you could clean out a lot of this yourself.
Once it is cleared out just sit out there and look at it…you may get some better ideas on a clean slate. Buy some landscaping magazines.
The next step would be deciding on if you want to plant a low maintenance garden. Will the space accommodate a water feature, benches, gazebo? Make it a space that your parents will want to spend time in.

Nancy asks…

I’m feeling a bit puzzled about the current England-South Africa Test match. Can anyone help?

I have been away for a few days, and got back home yesterday afternoon. I didn’t see any of the match for the first two days, as I did not have access to a TV showing it. I didn’t watch much yesterday when I got home, as I was too busy with domestic chores. Today I have been at work.
So I have a number of questions:
1) Who is Darren Pattinson? I am a cricket anorak, and I have never heard of the bloke.
2) Am I in a time-warp? I know I posted a ‘Dr Who’ related question a couple of weeks back, but I didn’t realise then when I donned a long coloured scarf and installed a blue police box in my garden that it would mean I could time-travel. So why have England conceded a 300+ runs lead on first innings, and are battling to stave off an innings defeat. Am I back in the 1990′s?
3)Are South Africa really this good, or are England just that bad?

Home Gardener answers:

For some reason i thought you were being sarcastic!

1) Darren Pattinson- is the guy who has overrtaken, Hoggard, Harmison, Jones, Tremlett etc etc! To start in the 2nd test. He was a late inclusion into the side as cover for Jimmy Anderson who had a back scare going into the test match. Pattinson to me looks like a “Workhorse” he doesnt do anything that special, but he will plug away and take some wickets.

He played against your county in a Twenty20 match last month taking no wickets in 1 over and conceding 12 runs.

Anyway basically he was born in Grimsby, moved to Aus when he was 6, and returned in his adult years. Matthew Hoggard actually thought he was a Kolpak player

2) Well this match definitely reminds me of the bad old days, getting pummelled by far superior sides at home, is just not fun! Hopefully it will be a 1 off, but dont you think we missed our chance to win the series at Lords?

3) Well i will come up with an excuse. I was there at Headingley on Friday (1st day of the test) and when England came out to bat the sky was dark! The ball was swinging and England played some awful shots! BUT when South Africa came out to bat later that day, the sun came out, and South Africa played some excellent disciplined cricket! To be honest we have just been outclassed in this match!

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