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Nancy asks…

looking for user friendly landscaping design software?

Home Gardener answers:

Boy I hate to say it but I don’t think a really user friendly landscaping program exists.

Here a couple sites with reviews & some info on several programs. I have tried “3D For Everyone” and would not recommend it.


I hope that information will help you.

Jane asks…

I’m looking for landscape design software that is very simple to use and can import a digital photo of my own

home to use in the design. Inexpensive would also be required. We want to redo our entire yard, front and back.

Home Gardener answers:

I just ordered this today. The price is great and
so easy to use. Watch the demo on this link.


Good Luck!!

Ken asks…

What is a free and easy to use landscape design software?

I tried Sketchup but its incompatible with my computer.

Home Gardener answers:

I have been searching the same answer…
For what I searched Vista Pro, Real Landscaping, Landscaping For Everyone etc are a few… Google to get the download links…

Thomas asks…

where can i get a free basic but good landscape design software thats easy to use?

dont necessarily want the 3d type, or photo of the house, just want to make simple geometric shapes on simple but accurate plans

Home Gardener answers:

If you go to the Better Homes and Gardens site, click on Gardens, you will see in the left hand box, Plan-A-Garden. It’s a site that allows you to measure out your planned or actual garden, place plants by name in the garden, and preview the plan.
It’s simple, it’s basic, and it’s free.

Rachel asks…

Can someone recommend a good Landscape design software?

I will like one that contains a plant list database.

Home Gardener answers:

I know this website that has a review of a bunch of landscape and garden design software


Helena asks…

Does anyone know a good blueprint making or landscape design making software?

I’m trying to make a landscape design or blueprint of an island and I need some good software compatible with vista to make a easy to read blueprint…thank you,
Please anything free?

Home Gardener answers:

“Compatible with Vista”, is anything compatible with vista ? I am sorry I just had to take a jab at microsoft. Here is a link to many free versions of landscape software. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Marie asks…

Landscape design software?

I looking for a easy to use landscape design software any reconmendation.

Home Gardener answers:

May depend on complexity, and compatibility with other software,

SketchUp – Home


daz3d bryce


Elizabeth asks…

Anybody know of any good Landscape design software?

I am going to look into VizTerra by Structure Studios:

Any other suggestions?

Home Gardener answers:

That depends on your budget, but generally for home construction, home improvement and home renovation we use SmartDraw. For landscaping purposes you can use it too. Plus you can build forms for your company there as well.

Wayne asks…

Interior/landscape design software on the net and download?

What are some good interior and landscape design software for download for free websites? They don’t have to be for download, on the website is okay too. I know
I remember one from school in design and technology, there was a website of a paint company that allowed you do design a room on the internet for free, i can’t remember what it was.

Home Gardener answers:

I went to (a hosting site for free software and projects.) For interior design they have these:

And for landscape / garden design these:


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