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Don asks…

i want to run electric to my garden shed?

i am wondering can i bring elictric from the back of a wall socket in my house and run it to a shed it will power lights and maby a fridge and the ocaisional tool i have started with the wiring in the shed, out side will come trough a breaker like in my home and trough a four way split box, then going to sockets and light. inside my shed im using extention lead cable to all points. am i doing it right? also if i use small amp feuses (5) in plugs will it make safer. can i use this cable comming from my house to shed maby running trough pipeing. its from a JCB extention lead (heavy duty) any help would be great.

Home Gardener answers:

In a word No. Any electrical circuit or equipment used outside the zone of protection (usually the house) must be protected by an RCD of at least 30ma. If you intend to bury the cable to the shed it should be a steel wired armoured cable and buried at least 600mm deep. Once in the shed if you have lights and sockets it would be best to install a small consumer unit with suitably rated MCB’s for each circuit. IF in any doubt you should get a qualified electrician to carry our and test the installation. The building regulations part P now state that only suitably qualified electricians can carry out and test this type of work. Remember electricity is dangerous and can KILL you.

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