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Alana asks…

What is a online gardening catalog I can buy watercress seeds?

I tried Burpee, Planet Natural, and Home Gardens.

Home Gardener answers:

Try they have them!

Lisa asks…

How can I save my vegetable plants?

I started my vegetable plants indoors in a burpee 72 cell planter. They were doing really well inside for the month that I was growing them. I followed the instructions on the planter and seed packets, and introduced them to the outdoors a week before I planned to transplant them into my outdoor garden. When I got home on the first day, I saw that all of my plants had fallen over, drooping to the ground. Help! What can I do to save them? I sprayed them with worm poop and water, and I’m at a loss for what to do next. Can they be saved???

Home Gardener answers:

They probably just need water. Water them until it runs out the bottom of the container and give it about 15 minutes. Any kind of plant that has gotten too big for its container will dry out very very quickly.
Good luck!

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