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Steve asks…

Did anyone know watch that Karen wear on Better home and garden program?

The watch that karen wears in better home and Graden ? Do you know what brand is that?

Home Gardener answers:

I watch Better Homes and Gardens and Karen is a cook…… What are you asking us about her?

Nancy asks…

what interview of garden home is better?

Home Gardener answers:

I don’t understand your question?

Wayne asks…

I am busy watching Home and Garden, missed where to find how to design your own home. Please help, website?

Better Homes and Gardens, on LIfestyle Channel

Home Gardener answers:

Umm, I’m not quite sure this fit your question or not but I do recommend you a site called PASAYA Online Shop

There, you can find most of home decor stuffs like bedding, curtains or cushions

If it fits what you’re after, tell me though ;)

Mark asks…

what is 3 better home and garden books dated 1948,1956 1958 be worth. these are hardback editions?

Home Gardener answers:

Not much, really, other than as decorative items. Most of the info in them will be very out of date. You might check on Amazon for similar books, and compare prices.
I’d be surprised if you got more than $10-$15 dollars each, and probably a lot less.

Caroline asks…

Is your home better than your garden?

Home Gardener answers:

Yes…but the sink is clogged and i need a popular mechanic.

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