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Shelley asks…

How many bags of topsoil?

I’m looking to plant grass in a small patch of land near my condo’s deck. It is currently a lot of gravel. I would like to remove some of the gravel, but also just put down new topsoil. How many bags will I need for my 62 square foot piece of land?
I would like approx 3″ of topsoil… and I guess the average bag is about 40 pounds…

Home Gardener answers:

You are going to need 15 1/2 Cu. Ft. Of soil to spread out 3′ thick by 62 Sq Ft which is about 21-22 40lbs bags. If you have a truck, it would probably be cheaper if you picked it up from a landscape yard. You could probably get a cubic yard (27 Cu Ft) for close to the same price which will give you 5″ thick on 62 Sq Ft. I suggest you shop around for the best deal. Hope this helps.

Horticulture student.

Rachel asks…

Do purchased bags of topsoil normally smell like road tar?

I bought a few bags of top soil at a home improvement store today. Some of the bags reek of asphalt and others smell like normal dirt. Has anyone else experienced this and, if so, will this smell go away? I am using this dirt in my flower bed right under my windows so I can’t leave the dirt there if it will stink otherwise we won’t be able to open our windows.


Home Gardener answers:

No they shouldn’t as they should normally smell like a lawn after rain.If you try washing the soil through, it should be ok, as it sounds like the bags could be old.

David asks…

i got rid of clay soil after a single dig can i use compost bags instead of topsoil?

I had too much soil and had to level out the garden, we have heavy clay soil and instead of breaking large clumps we threw them away, how can i improve the soil without adding more soil or topsoil

Home Gardener answers:

Compost, in my opinion, is the greatest soil amendment ever. So that would be a yes. Also use some pelletized gypsum. It is great for loosening heavy clay soil.

Bob asks…

How many bags of topsoil is needed to fill an area of 40ft 5in by 13ft 7in and I want it to be 3″ thick?

Home Gardener answers:

Hi – to figure this out, first use the dimensions you gave to find the total volume you want to fill (volume = length x width x height):

40ft 5in = 487 in. (need the same units on all dimensions)
13ft 7in = 163 in.
Height = 3 in (given)

Volume = [487 x 163 x 3] cubic inches
= 238,143 cubic inches

Now we need to convert this cubic feet – since there are [12x12x12] cubic inches in 1 cubic foot, and 12x12x12 = 1728, we divide our volume by 1728:

238,143 / 1728 = 137.81 (approximately)

So you need 137.81 cubic feet of topsoil. (Since topsoil is often sold by the cubic yard, we could even go one step farther and say that there are [3x3x3], or 27, cubic feet in 1 cubic yard, and 137.81 / 27 = about 5.1 cubic yards of topsoil.

How many bags is this? That depends on how much comes in a bag!

Hope this helps!

Kylee asks…

Want to buy big bag of topsoil. How many equivalent bags of 25 litres are the big one ton bags.?

Home Gardener answers:

Do you mean 25kg bags? If you do then the answer is 40, based on 1000kg equalling a ton. I think litres and kg work out roughly the same anyhow so it should be around 40 bags.

I used to use one ton bags of soil at work to conduct soil experiments and they’re pretty huge – I think they’re about 1.20metres (4ft) in each direction. I don’t know if this helps but a single one ton bag would cover 18sq metres (approx 194 sq ft) with a depth of about 5 cm.

Hope you have some help moving and shoveling – it’s heavy, gruelling work!!

Susan asks…

How many 40 pound bags of topsoil equal 1 cubic yard?

Home Gardener answers:

One cubic yard is about as much as 14 40-pound bags from the store.

Alana asks…

how many bags of topsoil is needed to fill an area of 40ft 5in by 13ft 7in?

Home Gardener answers:

It depends how thick you are spreading it and how big the bags are. Bags are the most expensive way to buy topsoil. I would look into having a dump truck deliver it in bulk.

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