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Joseph asks…

I want to plant an indoor garden?

Okay so spring is here and every year i want to have my own garden. But, here’s the problem. I live in an apartment building with no balcony. I do have a sun room which has large windows so my plants will get the same amount of sunlight they would if they were outside. In the past i have had a couple of plants but they were just in regular plant pots. One day i was watching Ellen and she was doing a show about planting a home garden.

If you watched the video in the link you can see she has a really big container (box type thing) where she can plant a small garden.
Now here are my questions:
1.Where can i get a container like her’s (maybe a little smaller) to put in my sun room to plant the plants in?
2. What type of plants would be suitable for it? (I was thinking about small flowers maybe some mint)
3. What type of soil would be best suited for this? Just regular potting soil?
4, What other thing would I need to setup my small garden?
5. What would I need to do to maintain and grow a healthy, blooming indoor garden?
I know I’m asking for alot of information but, I’m really excited to start this. I just need to know how. Thank you in advance. I’ll really appreciate your advice.

Home Gardener answers:

I’d go to a few home gardening stores I’m sure they should have something like that box. And just get potting soil with Miracle grow. And maybe get a few plant lights in case it turns out that they need more light. I hope you have a fan in that room or have good circulation in your house cause that’s important. Some good flowers are pansy’s and begonia’s, I have trouble with daisy’s but they might grow better inside. Do some tomatoes like in the video they really taste good when you grow them your self and they are very easy. Peace Lillie’s are good and cacti are awesome not all have little points I have some succulents that look just like flowers they are beautiful!

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