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Kylee asks…

Storage for home/ mobile garden?

I am in college, but I want to start a garden just in case a plague hits. I don’t have any physical area (like land) to keep my vegetables.

What would be a good place?

Maybe large or small pots, or wheel barrel. I also need it to be mobile.

Also, can anyone give me the best survivalist websites?

Home Gardener answers:

You need a lot of room to grow enough to sustain yourself
try Hydroponics, its the only way to grow in a small confined area
a lot of pots in an enclosed area is asking for dampness humidity problems and if the dirt is not clean, welcome to gnat city
hydroponics can be set up to grow vine type plants that hang from a string to get more yield, but IMHO
you wasting your time unless you have a good sized room
supplemented with light from outside, if you want to use pots use vermiculite/perlite mixture and powered all purpose hydroponic nutrients
you will have to learn how to adjust the PH information is readily available on line on how to do this and what to use as far as being mobile, that is something I would be wanting to see myself
hydroponics can be set up and broken down very easy given the right system.

Thomas asks…

Questions about hanging plants (strawberries and tomatoes)?

I just started my first vegetable and fruit garden. Well I planted some tomatoes and strawberries along with other things. The only thing is I dont have a lot of room to work with at my current home, actually hardly any room at all. I may also be buying a home in the next few months. I was researching on my garden and came across hanging strawberry and tomato plants. I was wondering if I could replant my current plants into some hanging pots or if I had to buy all new plants already in the pots. This would give me more room and the plants would transfer easier if I do buy a home. The plants are only a few weeks old.

Also, can green beans be grown in a hanging pot since they are also a vine plant.

Thanks for any and all help!
Oh also, the strawberry plant I figure will grow over the pots edges if planted in a right side up pot, but the tomato plant should be hung upside down right?

Home Gardener answers:

Sure, you can certainly replant your tomatoes and stawberries in a hanging basket, especially since they’ve just been in the ground for a few weeks. Just dig carefully around the plants and try to get the entire root ball. Use a good potting soil, replant them, give them a light fertilization (I’m a Miracle Gro Man), and you should be good to go. Remember, tomatoes require full sun, while strawberries like semi-shade.

As far as the green beans, they can be planted in a hanging basket, but I’m afraid they will have a tendency to grow up the hangers (which might look pretty cool.)

Have fun with your plants, and I hope this information helps.

David asks…

How can I go out of town for almost 72 hours and Not Worry if my Potted Veggie Plants are Thirstying for Water?

What can I buy at the Garden Store to help hold in the Moister of the Soil in my Potter Vegetable Plants?

I’m scared.
I Don’t wanna come back home from my sister’s wedding this weekend and find all my Vegetable Plant all *Wilted*.

Yes. The Soils in the Pots ‘Dries Up’ real fast in like 36 hours time.

Help, please. lol

Home Gardener answers:

Look for a product called soil moist. I’m sure it has other names also. It is a polymer gel that holds moisture. You add it to your soil. I guarantee it works if you can get some. If not, put saucers or bowls under the containers, put them in the shade and at peat moss (the kind in sheets), all in the bottom and add water. Make sure they are in the shade.

Ken asks…

Hanging tomato plants?

I recently purchased a condo in October of 2008. Previously I lived at home with my parents and siblings. Every spring I would do a little project with my siblings (they’re much younger) and we would plant vegetable seeds…water them…and watch them grow. The only draw back was that we were lucky if we got ONE tomato plant out of the 15 starter cups that we planted.

Even though I’m living in a condo and only have a porch and no yard, I would still like to have some type of a tomato garden. I think that I’m going to buy the plant rather than plant the seeds. I also dont know what way the plant will be more successful, in one of those new hanging baskets I see all over the place, or the traditional way in a big pot on the porch?

Any opinions about the hanging tomato plant baskets? I’d really like to try it but not at the expense of my plant.


Also, I have a small amount of dirt near the stairs for my porch that I’d like to plant some bulbs in. I want to do tulips, but I also want to do something else that will stay in bloom for most of the summer. Any suggestions?

Home Gardener answers:

I’ve not seen anything that makes me think the ones they advertise on TV are much good. I know a woman who tried two of them last year, and they still try to grow upward, toward the sun. Also, when you water them, it washes the nutrients in the soil out with the water. I’ve planted tomatoes both in the ground and in pots, and both will do well, but you’ll need to water the ones in pots more often. When you plant them, add a cup of Miracle-Gro for Tomatoes (yes, this type specifically). It’s like Viagra to them. You might want to plant annuals in addition to your tulips. Since the tulip bulbs will be buried about 6″ underground, you can plant just about anything above them.

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