Questions And Answers On Home Depot Gardening Supplies

Nancy asks…

Where can I buy clay soil or potter’s powder for seed balls?

I’d like to make seed balls.

Is clay soil or potter’s powder sold in home and gardening stores like Orchard Hardware Supply or Home Depot?

Home Gardener answers:

You can buy clay at art supply stores. Generally, gardeners don’t want clay in their soil, so it’s not something that they buy.

You can get natural clay and any art supply store worth it’s salt. If you go to a “craft” store, though, you’ll probably find modeling clay in weird colors, or modeling polymers.

Bob asks…

What major stores can I find Bonsai supplies at?

I live in Frisco, TX, and I was interested in trying to grow a Bonsai. I know you need a special pot and soil, but can you get these at Home Depot, Lowe’s, or another major store? Do most garden stores/nurseries carry these?

Home Gardener answers:

Actually the formal presentation pot isn’t important in the beginning of the training, only later when the tree has begun to be trained correctly and can be transferred to a smaller pot, Proper training can take decades (a majority of bonsai’d trees are in the hardwood category).

“..Bonsai also must be repotted, generally within one to three years. During this time, the trees are maintained in their original container but once repotted they can be transferred to a smaller container…”

You can search for the special equipment just about everywhere. There are now hundreds of bonsai clubs, and sources, world wide.
Examples of a quick google search: ; ; ;
Take a look at these and other of the multitude of supply sources and then you will know what you are looking for in those stores you mentioned. You may be able to get a lot in those stores, maybe not all.

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