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Kylee asks…

Graphic Design magazine comparison?

i’ve just started a graphic design course and my first assignment is to compare 2 magazines. I have chosen guitarist australia and a gardening magazine. some of the things we have to talk about are:
Theme and style, functionality and the delivery platform.
These 3 things might be obvious to an experienced designer, but im not sure what to talk about.. can someone help?

Home Gardener answers:

Well, the two themes would probably be something like guitars and gardening.. I would think….

As far as style goes – I’ve never seen either magazine, but I would imagine that the guitar one is a lot edgier and funkier than the gardening magazine. You can probably elaborate pretty heavily on this section without too much effort.

Are you into guitars? Gardening? Hopefully you’ve chosen two magazines that interest you… And will be able to tell pretty easily if they are functional. Are they mostly ads? Packed with info? Effective layouts, typefaces, graphics, etc? Most importantly – will they grab and hold the attention of their target audience? The effectiveness of the magazine is probably determined by the bottom line.. So the more subscriptions and purchases, the better.

Delivery platform – is that just the type of paper, size of magazine, etc..? Not sure what is being asked, exactly.

This should get you started..

Susan asks…

I need a picture from a design magazine ad showing a kitchen with copper design that was built in another room

there was an advertisement that showed a picture of a kitchen that was built in a hexagon shape with tall ceilings with copper design elements with an through bar feel. i cannot remember the magazine, but it would have to be American ARchitecture or Better Homes and Gardens, albeit, it may be an older publication. PLEASE HELP< I WANT THAT KITCHEN!!!

Home Gardener answers:

That’ll be tough to find if you don’t remember the magazine name. You can go to google, click on the search images button, then type in the word kitchen and all these photos of kitchens will pop up. Try hexagon kitchen.

Jemima asks…

What is the best INTERIOR DESIGN magazine for my 28 year old wife?

She is too modern for a “Better Homes & Gardens” but still too midwest to go full on sheik, comtemporary unbanite style.

Any suggestions?

Also looking for books if you know of good ones.

Home Gardener answers:


Graham asks…

free floral magazine subscription?

do u know where i can find a free floral magazine subscription? maybe floral design or general garden?

Home Gardener answers:


The have a Garden Club magazine free subscription.

I highly recommend the Lowes Creative Ideas magazine also. Really neat ideas.

You have to register on their site to sign up for the magazines.

Richard asks…

Are there any agents or reps to help me get my products to market?

I have been designing home and garden products for eighteen years. My one of a kind products have been featured in the best home and garden magazine and some books. I already have some products in the marketplace but have many more projects that I am working on at this time. If you can help, please let me know.

Home Gardener answers:

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