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Thomas asks…

landscape architecture?

What are three elements of landscape architecture?

Home Gardener answers:

Well, you need to have knowledge of all kinds of plants – trees & shrubs, herbaceous perennials, etc., including what conditions they all need and thrive in, and their disease and pest weaknesses, and maintenance requirements.

You need a knowledge of general design, using buildings, hardscaping elements (including decks, patios, waterfeatures, and more), and plants.

You’ll need some minimal drafting and business knowledge, which includes customer relations.

A Landscape “Designer” usually has a 2 to 4 year degree, and usually deal with residential and small business situations.

A Landscape “Artchitect” is a desinger, that has been through an apprenticeship for a number of years, and has passed a state exam for licensing. They usually work in large public and commercial situations.

Kirstie asks…

Landscape Architecture?

I’m currently a student in a rather prestigious university (Purdue), majoring in Landscape Architecture. I’m only a freshman, but I like it a lot. The undergraduate program in LA is well recognized (ranked in the top 10 in LA by Design Intelligence). The only problem is that I don’t know if the profession is all that it is hyped up to be. Any insight on this would be helpful.
I’m also thinking about Business Construction Management, which is another program here that I am considering.

My current academic GPA is a 3.0, if this helps.

Home Gardener answers:

Actually, i think it is a pretty bad a$$ job. If you like to be outside…if you like to be creative…if you like drawing both by hand and on the computer…its a great job!! I have a great friend that does LA, he owns his own company and is doing great and he love it.
Personally i am a creative person, and love the creative aspects of my job (sorta similar to LA). You just have to figure out what is important to you about your future career.

Joseph asks…

How is architecture and landscape architecture different?

I know architects work with buildings/structures and landscape architects focus more on landscape and ecological rehabilitation, but in terms of design and education, how different are they? I am looking to do an MLA (masters – landscape architecture) and was wondering if you work with sketches and models like you do in architecture. Any help and information would be greatly appreciated!

Home Gardener answers:

Both need the same core education for drafting, but specialization in there field requires different classes and experiences. I.E. Landscaping architect should only need a cursory understanding of building code for say kitchens but must understand how pitch and grade of a lot will effect runoff of water.

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