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Daniel asks…

Yard/garden/patio decoration ideas for parents who live in Florida?

Parents live in FL. I’d like to order something for their garden. I know that the decor is alot different than here in Chicago. Can you give me a website/store that is in Florida?
I want to send them a gift for their B-day. I live in Chicago.

Home Gardener answers:

You didn’t say what part of florida they are in, so i’m not going to recommend a plant. And you didn’t say how much you are willing to spend, so this is really a shot in the dark, but on they have these garden trellis’ that you attach the garden hose to and the top spins watering the plants. It also has a wind chime and a stabilizer. Really attractive and practical for about $100.

Paul asks…

Garden/patio decor ideas for parents who live in Florida?

I am wanting to buy something for my Mom and Mother-in-law’s Birthday. (both have same b-day) Anyway, they both live in Florida near Clearwater. I know that the decor is different down there than it is here in Chicago. So I need some ideas and/or online shop to order it from.

Home Gardener answers:

I would check with a Home Depot or Lowes down here.. And it depends which way the patio faces… North side doesnt get all the direct sun…. East facing gets morning sun but not during heat of the day…. South and West patios need really hearty plants that can take Sun and Heat beacuse tey get it most of the day in summer.

John asks…

Creating mediteranean Style Garden and Patio – Ideas Please?

We want to create a mediteranean style garden and patio. We have a large low walled Patio area in buff/sandstone colour slabs. Garden rather boring at the moment !

Need some inspirational ideas please on design and colours ?

We have a large square lawn with Shrub borders either side. A largish pond at the end of the garden and beyond that a greenhouse and shed

We want to put a path way in perhaps stepping stones leading from patio to Greenhouse/shed at end of garden.

Perhaps incorporate an Archway somewhere on the lawn but no sure any ideas ? to break up large boring lawn.

We have blue mosaic Patio Furniture. My hubby has built a nice Med style BBQ.

What Colour Pots/containers for Patio Plants should we get ?
Should we keep to same colour blue as Furniture or use different colours of blues/turquoises or ???

Any other suggestions ?

Home Gardener answers:

I’d use whites alot, as this is a frequent building colour in the mediterranean – where it adds a touch of cool and calm. Otherwise brilliant blues, as you suggest, are great.

Many countries have decorative bright tiles, so if you add these, this will enhance the overall impact.

Add terracotta pots, for urns and general potting.

For flowers and plants, consider the Mediterranean Fan Palm – Chamearops humilis. This is hardy in areas as far north as the UK, once more than a couple of years old. Try some succulents too, such as Aloe Striatula – this grows well in my central England garden. Also, some of the Century plants are great, and will live if given a sheltered position, Agave americana: These grow around the med area too, frequently seen on cliffs etc.

Add in some bright coloured flowers too, though the bouganvilleas seen around the med are not that hardy, but can be sheltered during winter. Oleanders are frequently found, with whites, pinks and reds being common around the med:

If you can afford an Olive tree, even better, as this will add a really interesting touch (the larger ones can be pricey). Http:// Otherwise, a grape vine would be great, allowing you to admire the bunches of grapes hanging from its vines – it could be grown over an arch, or pergola.

I’d also add some mediterranean herbs, such as Origanum, which also add a ton of flowers when blooming, for extra interest.

Hope this helps. Good luck! Rob

Richard asks…

How can I create a hanging garden? Ideas needed!?

I really need some help on ideas for a DIY project. My husband and I are usually pretty good at figuring out a way to do anything! Somehow this has us stumped.

We want to grow a small garden this year, but we have no land. We live in an RV park so our options for set up are limited. We have a patio that is 14’x8’ and a small grassy area for a yard. We can’t put any steaks in the ground and the buckets for veggies can only be on the patio area. The RV park mows so anything on the grass is a no-no. We do have a wood picnic table that is on the patio which can be used, but no permanent alterations.

So, with nothing to hang anything from I figure our best option is to rig up something with the picnic table. Something maybe in the way of clamping something onto the tables sides to provide support for a hanging plant basket. But how would be make something like that? We are pretty self-sufficient in the means of making anything, but neither of us can weld so that is about the only thing we cant do.

The tables looks pretty much like the one that is attached to the link below.

I plan to do the following plants: 1 tomato, 1 cherry tomato, 2 or 3 bell peppers, bulb onions (those will have to be non-hanging tho obviously), and maybe an okra and green beans but I have no idea on how I would grow those two in the situation I have.

I already tried looking online after my husband and I couldn’t think of anything, but to no avail. So I am hoping someone on yahoo answers will be able to use creativity and help. If you have a better idea of something I can build to put on the patio area instead, then feel free to give those ideas as well, but all I have been able to come up with is affixing something to the picnic table. Thanks for any ideas or tips you may have.

Home Gardener answers:

You can use planter boxes like this one . I have my small garden in every window in my home. I also place a small mini garden at the corner of my door with this wood planters.

Marie asks…

Any recycling ideas for white bathroom ceramic tile.?

We are about to remodel the bathroom and I will have alot of white ceraminc tile (4 x 4 size) in good condition left over. I would hate to throw it away. I am planning to make a backsplash in the kitchen but there will be alot more left over! I would love ideas for the garden, house or patio. Any websites that have ideas or pictures of ideas would be appreciated too! I am pretty good with crafts and garden work. Thanks!

Home Gardener answers:


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