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Ken asks…

how can you live self sufficiently in an apartment?

I don’t mean living on your own means but in the meaning of growing own food and such.

But not sure what all can be done in an apartment and what resources are out there. I can grow a couple small plants but can’t supply food realistically.

Any ideas or know of resources?


Home Gardener answers:

If you have access an area with sunlight you can do container gardening some people call it square foot gardening if not you can buy local to be green and get the freshest food you can have. (look at the first link) Energy wise you are ahead of the home owner because you typically have less area to maintain climate control over. You should use weatherstripping and caulk for drafty windows if this is not allowed place rugs up against doors to prevent draft. Get smart strips to prevent phantom loads. (second site) Recycle, if your building doesn’t have bins go to to find out where. And the last site has good tips in general for apartment dwellers. Oh yeah and if you do go for the container gardening you can compost indoor with this last site.

Richard asks…

Can you save money growing your own food?

Although I currently live in an apartment, I’m very interested in the practice of urban homesteading and being more self-reliant. I’m interested in the possibility of renting space in a community garden and growing vegetables. Has anyone on here ever done that? I don’t know anything about gardening and am interested in learning, any suggestions? Any urban homesteaders out there?

Home Gardener answers:

Yep…. But that’s AFTER you pay for the canning equipment… The boiling pans, jars, lids, seals, pitters, coring devices, etc….. Then the next year, that’s not part of the cost….. But that first outlay is a doozie, unless you can find someone with lot of jars to give away!….

The first year or two it might be good for you to just learn to grow things…. And only grow what you will eat in the harvest season… Tomatoes, cukes, beans, lettuce, etc… And not worry about canning for the winter…. Lots of things can be frozen, too, ya know…. Learn all you can from the Extension Office literature on both ways to keep your foods…..

Then, when you’re feeling competent in growing things and know you have good soil and great sunlight and are used to the work that’s involved, THEN get into things like corn, fruits and berrys…. That you will put up for later… You’ll have better success once you’re more sure of your abilities…..and you won’t make dumb mistakes like I did…. Planted nine zuchinni plants!!…. DUH!!!!…. LOL!!!>…

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