Questions And Answers On Home Garden Design

Kirstie asks…

What are the main points i should remember when i design a home garden on my own?

Home Gardener answers:

I hope you mean flower garden…because vegetable gardens are another story altogether.

First, find plants good for your hardiness zone. If they aren’t hardy in your area, they won’ t survive the first winter.

Second, find plants that are appropriate for the amount of sunlight you get in the area you’re planting. Full sun plants will not thrive if they only get one hour of direct sunlight a day. Shade plants may get leaf burn in full sun.

Third, select plants which will mature to the size you want in each area. Don’t pick plants based on the size when
you purchase them. If so, they will become overgrown and look bad.

Fourth, choose colors that go well together and complement each other.

Fifth, choose some evergreen, some perennial, and some annuals. Evergreens keep their leaves all year. Perennials die off in the fall but come back every year. Annuals last only one season and usually are planted to give a large amount of seasonal color–things like petunias and impatiens.

For vegetable gardens, it’s important to improve your soil, make sure the garden gets plenty of sunlight (most vegetables need full sun), keep out the critters who think it’s a salad bar, keep out the bugs who will destroy your plants, plant at the right time, and choose plants and space them appropriately.

I also recommend composting your yard and kitchen waste so that you have a free source of soil improver for next year.

Gardening is really satisfying once you get going. Good luck to you!

Alana asks…

HOME LEARNING COURSES. I want to study garden design from home. Which course is the best?

There seem to be so many to choose from and at different prices. I would like to have a qualification at the end that would be worthy of the work and allow me to earn money.

Home Gardener answers:

Look at Im looking for a course myself but on gardening not design.
Happy Hunting.

Bob asks…

How I adjust my puppy’s home at balcony garden?

I have cute puppy and want a small home at balcony garden.I want my puppy and garden should not affect each other.How should i design home for him as well as maintain my garden?

Home Gardener answers:

U can very well accommodate your puppy in the balcony area. Use some DISINFECTANT occasionally. Some of the plants you can hang it on the top to get spacious area.

Caroline asks…

I need a fresh & creative name I am starting a business combining staging homes for sale and garden design.?

Home Gardener answers:

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Don asks…

Does any one know the cost of a japanise garden?

I have my new home and i am so exited about gardening it. and i’d like to have a small japanese garden designed by some1 professional.

the space is 8ftx4ft

thank you

Home Gardener answers:

I sink dey sirteen dolla!

Chris asks…

Have a choice to have your own home designed and build, what style would you choose?

Whould you like a classic straight lined home painted white with glass and silver;

Mexican style with a large fireplace and lots of oragne colours;

Double story house (mansion) with an indoor swimming pool and garden;

Garden Cottage with a nice vegatable garden and a fish pond?

Come on let us dream for dream can become true.

Enjoy the week-end
take care, Suzanne

Home Gardener answers:

I once drafted the “home of the future” for a science fair. Unfortunately, I was too young, it was not my field of interest at the time, and I got a B. However, I long to revisit the idea, and one day, build (have built?) and live in that house.

Since all the things mentioned, and so many more, appeal to me in some way, I’m inclined to think I would like a large property with an eclectic landscape. The home should probably then take place around that. The colors, materials for the climate, etc. – all would be a function of location.

The building itself would take a lot of thought. I would like the amenities of the “futuristic” home, but really long to live in a stone castle. So, I combine the two concepts, throw in a splash of Japanese gardening, a Greek pillar or two – and viola.

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