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Helena asks…

What are some good beach tools for kids?

My boys are too old for the plastic handle stuff. They like to dig in the wet sand and build sand castle and moats, just to wash the tide wash their work away. I’m looking for some unique and relatively inexpensive options to basic garden tools. The tools need to be light and easy for a 6-year old to handle.

Home Gardener answers:

Wooden spoons, frisbees, plastic cups of different sizes, cookie cutters to make designs. Legos are lots of fun.. Just don’t bring the good legos.. (they make some seriously interesting castles built with sand and legos.. ) straws to make posts, bring a plastic container. You can cut a milk gallon bottle in half, it helps bring the sand faster. And the cap lets out for pouring.

When I go to the beach sometimes I have pirate treasure hunts with mine. I make a map and hide stuff (maybe the tools) and have them find it..

Susan asks…

Garden tools for kids?

Does anyone know where I can find garden accessories for kids? I’m looking for a planter, watering can, and maybe a shovel in a disney princess theme. I live in the Toronto area, so I can’t order online from the USA.


Home Gardener answers:

You might have to collect these items. Shop around your local stores, I have seen childerens’ garden tools before that are “pink”.

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